New Pre-Made 'Fitness' Sales Page Template

April 28, 2020
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If you're looking for the quickest path to bringing your idea to life with a winning sales page, then SamCart's newest pre-made sales page template is what you've been looking for. Introducing, the newest addition to SamCart's template library. We call this one, "Fitness".

The Fitness sales page template is a beautiful, full-width template is the newest addition to every SamCart account. Built using SamCart's drag and drop content builder, this single-page design is your newest shortcut to selling more of your online courses, digital products, gym memberships, fitness plans, or whatever else you can dream up.

The template's title doesn't need an explanation. But don't let that fool you. With the SamCart Content Builder, you can quickly re-imagine this template to fit any brand or product.

Let's dive in, and break down this pre-made sales page template one section at a time.

Showcase Your Product with this Sales Page Template

Right off the bat, you'll notice something different about this template. While it still has SamCart's signature single-page layout, it is the first template we've made that takes up the entire width of your sales page.

This template allows you to go edge to edge, using the full page for showcasing your product. A big, bold product image showcases what you're offering, with a headline on the right to grab customer attention with a big benefit.

The background image adds some "pop" to the design to help you stand out. Sliding checkout can take red-hot buyers straight to the order form on the same page. There are no new pages to load or accounts to create, just an optimized checkout flow ready to convert your visitors, and maximize their order value.

Explain Benefits with this Sales Page Template

Moving down the page, it's time to drive home the benefits of buying. This template jumps from two columns, down to one, with a unique box designed to stand out and focus your reader's attention.


This is a great place to drop in an engaging video that outlines what your buyers will experience after they buy. Add bullet points underneath for an opportunity to "Paint The Perfect Future". This is a fancy way of saying that you'll explain what life will be like for your new customers!

Explain the benefits. What will customers feel after they buy? What goals will they reach? Then offer a quick call to action for people who are ready to buy.

Outline Core Features with this Sales Page Template

Scroll down the template, and you'll notice that you have a great section to introduce your offer, and dive into its core features. Establish what you're selling. Introduce it by name, and plug in an image that'll give your customers a better understanding of what they're buying.



Then outline the core features of what your offer includes, and what your customers will receive.

Give a Guarantee

Take away the risk by offering a rock-solid guarantee. Wether you are selling a service, a physical product, an ebook, or an online course, plugging in a guarantee can boost conversions by 15%!

Your guarantee is a tipping point that will convince plenty of visitors to place their order. Which makes this the perfect place to plug in one last call to action, and start closing sales.

Establish Authority

The last question to answer is, "Why you?". This final content area is your shot to establish authority by outlining you and your brand's credentials. Share what makes you worth purchasing from.


Selling online should feel personal. This section is an opportunity to connect with your readers, while also making your offer feel unique.

This is the perfect place to plug in one last call to action.

Optimize Your Online Checkout

And finally, what SamCart is built to do best. Optimize your checkout flow with SamCart's entire set of rich Ecommerce checkout features. Easily accept credit cards, PayPal, and digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay on the same page. Accepting PayPal, Google Pay and Apple Pay in addition to credit cards can boost conversion by 23%!

Multiply the value of every new order by letting visitors buy other offers with Order Bumps and One-Click Upsells. Quickly add in customized taxes and shipping costs based on where your customers are buying from if you are shipping a physical product.

Require customers to agree to your Terms & Conditions before buying, and let SamCart keep a record of that agreement on file for you just in case.

Optimizing your online checkout flow is what SamCart is designed to do. All the advanced features you need are built into a tool that makes it all simple.

Happy Holidays!

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