How to Choose an Online Course Platform

August 17, 2022

Creators and influencers are often looking to find out how to sell online courses, as it’s a burgeoning market with great potential for producing consistent revenue. Consumers have grown comfortable purchasing online course material—and they are especially likely to invest in courses from influencers and creators they already trust. But the online course platform creators use to sell online courses can make a tremendous difference. Here are some traits of the best online course platforms to maximize your profits.

Sleek and Legible Online Course Interface

One of the most underrated components of a platform to sell online courses is an attractive and intuitive interface. The last thing you want is your website to look like it was made in 1992. Or even worse—for your customers to get lost in the checkout cart because they have no clue how to navigate your website. Customers may love your content, but you won’t maximize online course profits if they hate your sales page. It’s important to remember that with online courses, customers interact as much with the interface as with your content. Seek out platforms that will make your sales page look great—while embodying a layout that is designed to convert. For example, SamCart makes building your sales page simple with our library of templates and features that are proven to work. Creators don’t need to know any coding to have their sales pages looking (and working) their best.

Promotion for Upsells & Related Content

Creators have found the secret to maximizing profits when they sell online courses: upselling. You can multiply your revenue by upselling customer purchases with additional options—such as add-ons, exclusive content, or related products. However, not every online course platform makes up-sells so easy. Fortunately, a platform like SamCart offers Course Cross Sells™ and other features that prompt customers to purchase add-ons with a couple of simple clicks. Turning on add-on promotion is as simple as flipping a switch—and with the easy addition of Featured Courses, you can ensure your top-selling online classes are getting exposure.

Supporting Dynamic Online Courses and E-Commerce Businesses

Are you looking to sell online courses and additional products? Perhaps you are ready to monetize a myriad of content spread across your online courses, ebooks, and digital downloads? Many successful online course creators have paired their online courses with other products—but not every online course platform makes selling a variety of different products easy. SamCart accommodates online course creators who would like the flexibility to sell additional products, including digital products, physical products, memberships, subscriptions, and services—you name it! SamCart even offers tools to calculate and account for sales tax and VAT, making all sales simple. What if you’re only interested in selling online courses at the moment? It is still helpful to partner with a platform that can help support new channels of your business growth down the road. Otherwise, you might get caught having to switch your entire online course business to a new platform.

Start Selling Your Online Courses For Free Today

SamCart’s courses app has everything you need to build, sell, and market your online courses. We outperform other e-commerce and online course platforms, including Teachable, Etsy, Amazon, Kajabi, Thrivecart, and Thinkific. You can get started for free with a 7-day SamCart trial today!

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