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5 Things to Know: Google Analytics eCommerce Tracking 


Google Analytics is a free online tool that provides a roadmap to success in digital sales. For those new to the online marketplace, Google Analytics can seem like the most intimidating part of getting started. However, this tool is incredibly easy to use with the right help. Here is a closer look at 5 things you should know about Google Analytics tracking for eCommerce sites. 

1: It Is Easier Than It Looks

The first thing you should know when journeying into the world of Google Analytics is that it looks deceivingly complicated. Truthfully, it is much easier than it seems.

Google Analytics launched in November of 2005. Since its inception, the platform has changed countless times—16 version updates were released in 2021 alone. With each new update, Google Analytics becomes a little smarter and a lot more user-friendly. In fact, it takes just 3 simple steps to set up your eCommerce tracking with Google Analytics.

2: How Do I Set Up Google Analytics eCommerce Tracking?

Naturally, the process of integrating Google Analytics into your selling platform will depend on how friendly your platform is to the tool. For SamCart sites, it takes just 3 steps:

  • Enable Enhanced eCommerce Tracking in Google Analytics
  • Embed Google’s Global Site Tag Into Your SamCart Products
  • Enable Google Analytics eCommerce Tracking In Your Marketplace Settings

You can read our full guide (with pictures) on setting up your Google Analytics tracking here

3: Why Do I Need Google Analytics for eCommerce?

The more data you have to drive your sales, the better. Without the right information, your online business is selling in the dark. This tool helps sellers understand how customers interact across their sites and apps. Google Analytics will tell you:

  • How many views certain products had, helping you know where to ramp up production.
  • Where your traffic is coming from—do users visit from a link on your social media pages? Or through an online search? Understanding how customers find you can help you expand and refine your sales tactics.

4: How Accurate is Google Analytics eCommerce Tracking?

Ask the app not to track? Tracking is the fuel to Google Analytics’ fire. When users block cookies or opt-out of tracking, Google Analytics will go blind on their data. Consequently, there is always a chance that your site has seen more interactions from consumers than Google Analytics reports. 

However, the data that Google Analytics can track is incredibly accurate. The platform has an automatic filter to exclude bots and spiders (web crawlers operated by search engines) from data.

5: How Do I Get Help with Google Analytics?

SamCart offers a variety of free resources to support your success with Google Analytics. At the highest level, our online platform is designed for seamless Google Analytics compatibility. We also offer support guides and blog resources to help our customers succeed. 

SamCart also has paid services you can access for Google Analytics support:

  • CreatorU: Creator University unlocks access to a comprehensive suite of SamCart resources. Learn everything you need to know about running your business, including the ins and outs of Google Analytics. 
  • Grow: Our Grow membership level includes access to 1-on-1 support with SamCart professionals—which extends to questions about Google Analytics. 
  • Scale and Enterprise: At the Scale and Enterprise membership levels, you have a dedicated SamCart professional assigned to your account. This expert can support you through your Google Analytics setup or help you resolve any problems you may have with the platform. 

What About Google Analytics 4? 

As we mentioned above, Google Analytics is constantly evolving—and Google is currently in the process of a major platform transition. The new Google Analytics 4 offers updated privacy features, new integrations, better tracking, and smarter insights fueled by Google’s machine learning technology. SamCart’s eCommerce platform supports both Universal Analytics and the new Google Analytics 4. Keep an eye out for our guide to GA4—coming soon.

SamCart: Google Analytics Support

SamCart makes it easy to track your eCommerce sales with Google Analytics. Our online platform is perfect for content creators, influencers, and anyone hoping to increase their digital sales. You can watch our demo for a closer look or try SamCart for free to get started today.

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