SamCart vs. Teachable for Online Courses

June 28, 2022
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When building or scaling your online course business, you might find yourself deciding between SamCart and Teachable for software support. Online course creators deserve a platform that optimizes their profits and makes course management easy. Let’s take a closer look at SamCart vs. Teachable for online course sales.

What is SamCart?

SamCart is an e-commerce and online course platform designed for content creators, influencers, and businesses. SamCart is known for boosting sales and making administrative work effortless with innovative software features.

Benefits of SamCart for Selling Online Courses

  • No Transaction Fees: At SamCart, you will not find any transaction fees at any membership level, making it affordable to build your online course business.
  • Supports Different Kinds of Sales: SamCart lets creators sell digital products, physical products, and services (like coaching and consulting) alongside their online courses to build multiple revenue streams on a single platform.
  • Auto-Enroll™ Technology: Seamlessly manage your online courses with our Auto-Enroll™ feature. This technology takes the administrative burden off of your back while helping you retain 30% more students.
  • Easy Payment Processing: SamCart helps you accept a range of payment options from your customers—making it easy to close sales. Our payment collection options include Google Pay, Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay, and more!
  • Featured Courses: Enjoy increased conversions, boosted sales, and more control over your spread by choosing which courses to feature at the top of your library.

What is Teachable?

Teachable is an online platform that helps customers create and sell online courses. This software can also be used to sell coaching services, though Teachable does not currently support sales for digital or physical products. You can view a full comparison of SamCart and Teachable here.

Pros and Cons of Teachable

Teachable advertises a “free” platform where members can opt out of a subscription cost for a transaction fee-based payment model. These fees begin at $1 + 10% per transaction. While this helps you avoid upfront costs before you start making money, these transaction fees quickly add up. After the first several sales, members often spend more than the cost of a paid membership plan. You might think that you can simply upgrade your Teachable plan once your business takes off. However, you are now roped into higher prices with fewer features than alternative platforms like SamCart. At the time of publication, members need to upgrade to a $99 per month (billed annually) or $119 per month (billed monthly) Teachable plan to drop all transaction fees. Comparatively, SamCart memberships currently start at just $39 without any transaction fees.

Does SamCart Work with Teachable?

Feeling hesitant to switch your online course platform? Perhaps you are ready for an upgrade, but you have a few questions running through your mind:

  • What about my current students?
  • Do I need to rebuild all of my courses and restart from scratch?
  • How can I manage two platforms at once?

Let SamCart put your mind at ease. You can use our platform to sell and manage your Teachable classes. In fact, SamCart and Teachable can work together to help your sales skyrocket. With our integration engine, SamCart can automatically enroll new students in any Teachable course from your SamCart sales page. Our platform is easier to manage, accepts more payment options, and helps boost your conversions. We will do all of the groundwork for you—alleviating the headaches and profit loss often found in Teachable. This partnership lets you access all of the benefits of SamCart without losing the progress you have built creating your online course business.

SamCart: Your Platform for Creating and Selling Online Courses

SamCart is here to support the success of online course sellers. Switch to SamCart today and watch your course sales rise—guaranteed. Our Conversion Boost Guarantee promises more online course sales when you switch to SamCart or your next month of Teachable is on us. You can click here to get started for free!