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If you're looking for a new platform to sell online courses from your own website, you're in the right place. SamCart is used by most of the top online experts today.

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Used by over 75,000 creators selling more than $3.5 billion in products

Why Most Course Platforms Fall Short

When it comes to growing your course business using most of the popular “course delivery” platforms out there…you’ve probably run into at least one of these problems:
You can only sell digital products
You don’t know where your sales are coming from
You can’t split test your pages or test what’s working
You force your customers through a complicated checkout process
It’s impossible to figure out if your pages are actually converting well
You can’t easily customize your sales page or checkout process
You can’t easily use other email marketing platforms like Infusionsoft or ConvertKit
If that sounds like you, you’re not alone. There’s a big problem in the “course platform” world today because they usually focus only on building features that let you host and deliver online courses. Which means you’re stuck without the critical features you know you need to increase your sales.

Why You Need To Switch to SamCart

We built SamCart from the ground up to do one thing: increase your sales. Which is why you find amazingly powerful features that get you more customers, and make those customers far more valuable to your business.

Businesses Powered
Pages Launched
9.7 Million
Products Sold
2.8 Billion+
Dollars Processed

5 Reasons You'll Love SamCart

SamCart makes it easy to build, sell, and deliver your online courses. However, we also do so much more to support your online business by bringing you the latest sales-driving features and eliminating unnecessary seller fees. Our platform also supports the sales of courses, digital products, and physical products. Here are 5 quick things you won’t find in most “Course Delivery” platforms

Drag & drop page builder with pre-designed templates

Every template you’ll find inside SamCart has been pre-designed and pre-tested to make sure your product flies off the shelf. Plus, you can edit and tweak every template with our simple drag and drop builder, which means you don’t have to worry about hiring a designer or developer to make your products look amazing.

Zero coding required

Drag & Drop conversion widgets

100% mobile responsive

Custom add-on design

Pre-designed template
Upsells and add-ons

Increase customer value while eliminating lost sales

SamCart makes it incredibly easy to increase your sales with easy-to-use order enhancements like using multiple add-ons at once, upsells, multiple payment types, cart recovery, and much more. In fact, the average seller is able to increase sales by as much as 43% simply by switching to SamCart and turning on some of these options.

Multiple Pre-Checkout Add Ons

Subscription Recovery

Abandon Cart Recovery

Post-Checkout One-Click Upsells

On-Page Upgrades

Finally, sell any type of product you want

The most successful online course creators today are combining their courses with physical products and digital products to boost sales. So if you’re currently selling courses, then selling products is a great way to expand your business. SamCart allows you to quickly and easily sell products by themselves or in addition to your online courses. SamCart can sell:

eBooks & reports

Live event tickets

Monthly memberships

Paid newsletters

Physical products


and so much more!

Selling different products
Digital wallet

Boost sales by 32% with Apple Pay and Google Pay

In addition to accepting the standard credit card and PayPal forms of payment, SamCart helps you boost your conversions by adding Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Microsoft Payments to your online checkouts with SamCart!

These Digital Wallets are your newest tool for speeding up your checkout flow, and boosting conversions in the process.  Adding Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Microsoft Payments to your online checkout gives your customers even more security, and injects simplicity that boosts conversions across the board.

"Pay What You Want" pricing for your customers

If you’re selling creative work, looking to accept donations, or want to let your customers decide what your Product is worth to them, SamCart’s Pay What You Want (PWYW) feature is going to be one of your favorite tools.

Giving your customers control over what they pay for your online courses can help build trust with your audience.

You’re signaling that you genuinely want them to have your Product, and you understand if they can’t pay as much as others might able to.

Pay what you want feature

Trusted by the Industry’s Biggest Creators

Pay Flynn

“SamCart doubled my conversions instantly. Being able to easily do subscriptions + recurring membership, our LTV is skyrocketing.”

Kimberly Ann Jimenez
Jenna Kutcher

“Switching to SamCart was one of the best decisions I’ve made. The order bump, upsell, and split testing features have allowed us to methodically increase our AOV to double what it was before.”

Will Hamilton
Pat Flynn

“SamCart transformed my sales exponentially in a short period of time.”

Daniela Saioni
Pat Flynn

“SamCart has made building our agency so much easier. The simplicity of the billing process alone was worth the switch.”

John Florey
Pat Flynn

“SamCart has made it so easy for us to quickly launch new products, and find simple ways to maximize our sales.”

Lewis Howes
The School of Greatness

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