Black History Month Creator Spotlight

February 14, 2022

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Black History Month Creator Spotlight

SamCart has over 23,000 creators all over the world from all walks of life doing amazing things. During this Black History Month, we’re taking time to highlight some Black creators who are crushing it with their online businesses.  Learn more about these amazing creators, and stop by their online businesses.  

Candace Junée

Candace Junée

Image courtesy of  Chicago-based Candace Junée helps women entrepreneurs master marketing with a goal to help them make $10,000+ per month utilizing their expertise. She is also the founder of Epic Fab Girl, a community that aims to equip Christian women entrepreneurs with tools for success.  Candace Junée went from receiving foreclosure papers on her home and having her car repossessed in 2019 to building a six-figure business during the pandemic in 2020. Since then, she has helped several women generate 6-F six figures in revenue, like her client Nikkie Pryce who generated $124,000 in 2021 coaching women to become best-selling authors.  Through Candace Junée's Learn Market Grow Digital Academy, she has helped over 2,400 students learn how to build and market profitable businesses since 2020.  Candace has also been a featured speaker at the WriterAccess Content Marketing Conference in Boston. She’s also been featured by platforms like iHeart Radio, BlogHer, The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), and the Obama Foundation among others.  Learn more about Candace Junée here and learn how she built a multiple-six-figure business with her services here.

Ashley Ann

Ashley Ann

Image courtesy of  Ashley Ann AKA “King Ashley Ann” is a digital marketer, event planner, course creator, podcaster author, and consultant in Little Rock. She’s helped 150 small business owners create seven-figure businesses, and over 700 of her clients have reached the six-figure mark.   One of Ashley’s biggest strengths is showing people how to monetize on social media.   She would describe herself as just a “regular girl from the country”. She just so happens to have given a TEDx talk and has sales well into the seven figures.  Check out our Interview with Ashley here. You can also check out her podcast, TEDx talk, and all her products, courses, and services here.  

Dr. Sidjae Price

 Dr. Sidjae Price is a multi-passionate entrepreneur and consultant who is committed to breaking the stereotypes of misunderstood millennials.  She’s a best-selling author who has been featured on platforms like NBC, Fox News, and The Huffington Post.   Sidjae grew up in a single-parent home, living off of food donations and having to live with neighbors and bounced around with stops in Los Angeles, Jamaica, New York, and Florida. She overcame instability, anxiety, and depression. Now she runs multiple businesses and has gone on to speak at several universities including the University of Miami, Nova Southeastern University, and the University of the West Indies.  Learn more about her businesses here. Watch our interview with her, and read more about her inspiring story here.

Maurice Bowman

Image courtesy of  Maurice “Runway Billionaire” Bowman is an author, course creator, consultant, and award-winning tattoo artist who hustles for his family and community in Philadelphia. He used to call himself “Runway Millionaire”, but he felt he wasn’t thinking big enough, so he made a name change.   Maurice overcame homelessness and is now a seven-figure entrepreneur. He’s even had days where he’s pulled in six figures in sales. The pandemic forced him into the online space, and it made him get creative. He convinced his then-pregnant wife to co-create a $47 ebook which made over $2,500 in sales in its first three days. His children also have their own businesses because of him.  Many of Maurice’s digital products and services are geared toward financial literacy and showing others how to grow their businesses on and offline.  Watch our interview with Maurice, and read more about his fascinating story here.  Check out Maurice’s products and services here.  

Tori Torres

Image courtesy of  Tori Torres is the Charlotte-based founder of the Posh Girls Club and publisher of Bling Magazine. She’s a course creator, podcaster, and business consultant helping people grow their brands.   Her clients include Beyonce, Rihanna, Designer Diane von Fürstenberg, and Khloe Kardashian.  She created the Posh Girls Club, because she wanted to give back, and create a community for fierce, female entrepreneurs and businesswomen to help them reach success.  Tori made six figures with a free eBook and has coached up female entrepreneurs who were homeless and got them to a position where they were able to purchase their first homes.   Take a look at Tori’s courses, products, and services here.   We will continue to highlight more Black creators throughout the rest of Black History Month.

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