Checkout Automation Works while Dr. Sidjae Price Relaxes

December 13, 2021

Dr. Sidjae Price is Really, Really Busy

Dr. Sidjae Price does all the things, so SamCart's checkout automation is her tool of choice. She’s a multi-passionate entrepreneur who is committed to breaking the stereotypes of misunderstood millennials. She helps authors get published, conducts corporate trainings and has her own non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of underprivileged and misguided youth via educational scholarships, mentoring and self-development programs. She’s a best-selling author and has been featured on The Huffington Post. She’s spoken at several universities including the University of Miami, Nova Southeastern University and the University of the West Indies. Price has also collaborated with businesses in the U.S., Canada, Africa and the Caribbean. She has negotiated deals with members of the MTV network. She's also the creator of the Rise and Shine Jamaica Expo. No big deal. But life wasn’t great at first. Well, it was. Then it wasn’t. Then it was again. Please, use Dr. Sidjae Price’s story as inspiration to keep going if you've ever been discouraged after hitting some potholes on your road to success. She was "born in Los Angeles, California with a silver spoon" that became rusty after her parents divorced. That rusty spoon came with a single-parent home, living off of food donations and having to live with neighbors. Then she would soon move from Los Angeles to Jamaica, then to New York and Florida. That impact on the family structure along with that movement in and out of countries, climates and cultures can make it extremely hard to build a foundation. Having the rug pulled from under her caused her to experience anxiety and depression, but her Jamaican roots, which were solidly planted in faith, hard work and resilience, took the wheel and swerved around victimhood down the road to victory. Life doesn’t just throw a mean curveball. It’s got a wicked slider and a blinding fastball. However, people like Dr. Sidjae Price keep swinging no matter what.

Build Back Battle-Tested

Dr. Price heard about SamCart through one of our top sellers. “I actually found SamCart through Nicole Walters. I was introduced to it through one of her programs, and I realized how amazing SamCart is and how it just streamlines everything and saves me a ton of time being a multi-passionate entrepreneur.” Considering that she has to connect with so many different people around the world and has so many businesses, it’s no wonder that SamCart makes for a perfect business partner. SamCart does a lot of the lifting for her. “The biggest thing that I love about SamCart is the integration ability, the ability to literally after a customer buys something and then streamlining them into my mailing list or giving them the option to add on a product.” SamCart streamlines everything. It also excels at what matters most, helping you make more sales and earning more than people on other platforms. “I've used Leadpages. I don't’ know if they’re still around, but I’ve used Leadpages before, and the conversion rates were not the same as what I have now where it’s literally almost like every customer that touches on my page they do purchase, and they use a product which allows for me to streamline them to into other services.”

Literally almost every customer purchase a product which allows for me to streamline them into other services."

Checkout Automation Allows for Vacation

SamCart’s checkout automation lets Dr. Price put her business on autopilot, so she can get on a plane...with an actual pilot, to Jamaica. While she took a quarantine vacation, she was able to have members of her team oversee her sales. “My social media manager was managing from that aspect, but every single thing that I sold was being sold through SamCart. While I was away on vacation doing my thing, relaxing, I was still able to generate revenue, because I had these systems set up behind the scenes.” Sidjae has used other platforms in the past, but the integration features she wanted just weren’t there. “WooCommerce, Square, they’re nice. They’re popular, but that seamless integration option is not there.”

WooCommerce, Square are popular, but that seamless integration option is not there.

She relies on the fact that SamCart streamlines and automates everything for her, so she doesn’t have to go through a bunch of sales that may occur overnight. “I really love that integration ability and that automation, that it does it by itself while I’m sleeping or while I’m on vacation or whatever it is that I’m doing, so I can focus on other things in the business or businesses in my case.” SamCart also takes care of those pesky receipts that also allow for four additional opportunities to sell more after a purchase is made. “It allows for digital product delivery without me having to use or pay for any other serve-on platform or service, and I’m big on cutting budgets and saving time.” SamCart’s digital product delivery provides additional privacy and security since entrepreneurs don't have to use services like Dropbox or Google Drive to give customers access to their products.

No Need for Gurus

The learning curve for other online platforms presents huge barriers to millions of people who want to start selling online. We pride ourselves on being easy to use. Our templates are easy to use, customizable, and look great on any device. “Even if my web designer is busy, I can go in, and drag and drop and DIY it myself, or I can send in my assistant.” Not only are SamCart’s templates easy to use, but our data is easy to grasp. “The other ones that I’ve used haven’t been always easy for me to understand.” Qualitative (characteristic) data and quantitative (numerical) data tells a story about your business. However, having a ton of data is useless if it’s in a language you can’t understand. “If you didn't study qual and quant, then you just need simple SamCart just having those analytics where it’s easy to read, and it makes common sense, that’s a big thing for me.” SamCart makes life easier for her and her team which in today’s world should be mandatory for any online platform. “I know that my web person really appreciates me not overburdening the web hosting with all these sales pages and all these things. Just having another system that takes care of that for me is amazing.”

The Mother of eCommerce Platforms

Being a qualitative researcher, Dr. Price always has an eye for characteristics that affect other entrepreneurs. One group that stands out is entrepreneur moms AKA “mompreneurs”. “When they go on maternity leave or something like that, I notice that they are having lots of sales while they’re on maternity leave, but they’re doing that because they’re using a product such as SamCart which allows for the automation to get done, saving a lot of time.” She doesn't lend her voice to a lot of businesses, so going on camera with our co-founder, Scott Moran, is a big deal, and we really appreciate it. “If I’m doing this it’s because I honestly love it. I really do.” Stop by, or connect with her on Linkedin, Instagram or Twitter. Tell her we sent you.

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