Alex Beadon Uses SamCart to Help Creators & Founders Launch 6+ Figure Courses and Membership Sites

June 5, 2023

Dozens of founders in areas like health and fitness, accounting, design, and wedding professionals have worked with Alex Beadon through her program, Together We Launch.

The 12-month immersion helps online course creators and membership site owners learn how to launch and scale their business through self-paced trainings, community membership, private podcast access, and weekly Q&A sessions with Alex’s team.

SamCart powers Together We Launch’s checkout process, and Alex uses a number of our unique features to generate additional revenue and keep customers engaged like order bumps, upsells, and affiliate opportunities.

“I can’t really remember how long it’s been. It’s been a very long time that I’ve been with SamCart,” Alex recalls. She found SamCart while checking out on another creator’s page and quickly made the switch from the solution she was using before.

“I was using another software, and I just remember that it was really clunky and, if I’m being honest, the checkout cart pages were ugly,” Alex says. “I knew I wanted to create an experience for my clients that felt really professional, clean, and modern. I’ve had multiple six-figure launches through SamCart with no problems, and it has been a really great journey.”

Alex’s offerings have varied and increased over the years: They started as an online course for founders looking to leverage Instagram Stories as a marketing tool, then evolved into a membership site that sold Instagram Story prompts. Now, Together We Launch is a fully baked experience, and SamCart has been Alex’s choice throughout the evolution of her business.

“The payment page editor is fantastic. Our ability to have a variety of different payment options has been really helpful. The tool I was using prior didn’t offer different plans.”

Alex mentioned that SamCart has made it easy to evaluate customer data and see whose payment methods have failed or expired. By using our built-in dunning sequences, she can put it back on the customer to easily update their payment method or cancel their subscription. 

SamCart’s dunning process has saved Together We Launch over $72,400.

SamCart’s upsells feature are also especially crucial to Alex’s business. “We have our initial offer, which is the Together We Launch product; when people buy it, they get an upsell offer immediately.” By creating products, content, or access to additional resources and information that are complementary to the Together We Launch program, Alex has been able to add tens of thousands more to her bottom line. “It’s such an easy way to offer something like an additional course or a VIP tier that gives customers more face time with me during the duration of the program,” says Alex.

Equally important to the success of Together We Launch has been SamCart’s seamless integrations with tools Alex uses to manage her website and business. “Our site is hosted on WordPress, and we use other tools like Ontraport that integrate so easily with SamCart. You don’t need to train yourself on how to use SamCart’s interface – it’s just that easy to understand and use.” Because Alex and her team use UTMs to track traffic back to their site, SamCart’s simple usability allows them to really understand prospective customer behavior.

Above all else, Alex credits SamCart’s customer service for why the partnership has been so synergistic. “We never feel left in the dark – it feels like SamCart is a part of our team.”

She recalls an issue with PayPal’s API integration during a previous launch that was solved by SamCart’s customer service team within 24 hours. “Having something like SamCart to support my transactions and make the whole process as seamless as possible is great. It’s also something I can confidently feel like is an extension and a representation of my brand because of its simplicity, look, and feel. I can feel confident creating something on SamCart and putting it out in the world. This is so important in the online space. It’s reliable, and it really really works for me and my team. We’re really happy we’ve been with SamCart all these years.”

In an effort to continue supporting creators like Alex Beadon, we’re offering a free 7-day trial to try some of her favorite features like upsells, seamless tool integration, and supportive customer service. Sign up for your free trial today!

You can also learn more about what Alex is up to over at Together We Launch and check out more of her offerings.