How Do I Choose Which Products to Upsell?

February 27, 2023
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Upselling is an effortless way to maximize each customer’s order. This seamless process can passively double—or even triple—a creator’s income. We consider the one-click upsell our most powerful e-commerce feature here at SamCart. Creators can start upselling in a snap, but you must first decide which products to promote. The e-commerce specialists at SamCart are here with insight into choosing and creating your upsells.

What is an Upsell?

An upsell is an additional product offered to customers after they complete a purchase from your sales page. More specifically, upsell products are one of two potential items:

  • An existing product listing offered at a lower price
  • An exclusive upsell product listing designed to increase average order value

Once you create your upsells, you simply add them to your funnel to automate this step of your checkout process. You can find step-by-step upselling instructions in our Knowledge Base.

Why Do One-Click Upsells Work?

A foundational tier of SamCart’s success comes from our well-known secret: when you reduce the number of clicks required to buy, you eliminate drop-off points for potential customers. The one-click upsell leverages this insight while highlighting more of your products in a carefully-crafted checkout flow. Upsells also incentivize customers by offering high-quality products at a discounted rate. Collectively, this strategy is so effective that a single one-click upsell can increase your average order value by 68.1%.

4 Ways to Choose Which Products to Upsell

1) Profitable at a Discount

Upsells are enticing to buyers because they can offer products at a discounted rate. The deal, promotion, or sale eases the second-guessing and hesitancy with buying. That said, you’ll need to ensure you upsell products that remain profitable at a discounted rate. Consider upselling popular digital products or physical products with high profit margins. You can find additional tips and ideas in The Profitable Customer free mini-book.

2) Regulating Product Supply

When you are wondering which product to upsell, consider looking over your stock. For physical product sellers, upselling overstock items can help you tidy up your inventory while effortlessly pocketing extra revenue. Digital products and online classes can be distributed to an unlimited number of buyers without additional effort or overhead costs. As such, these items always make the perfect upsell without any supply maintenance.

3) Related or Popular Items

When you offer an upsell to a customer, you want to give yourself the highest chance that they will accept this deal. By falling back on some of your most popular items, you can have the best odds that customers will click the “add to my order” button. You can also find success in upselling items related to the primary purchase. For example, let’s say you are an author selling books online. When a customer purchases a hardcover copy of your novel, you could upsell it with a discounted companion copy of the ebook or audiobook version to make reading easier on the go. While a reader might otherwise resist purchasing the same book twice, this upsell helps unlock additional revenue beyond what you could ever access in a physical storefront or selling on Amazon.

4) Memberships and Subscriptions

You can maximize your profits when you encourage customers to make recurring purchases. While your products will undoubtedly have buyers returning for more, contract purchases provide a more predictable income stream. Memberships and subscriptions are two popular options to help creators earn passive revenue. You can start by offering an introductory rate or a free trial to your subscription service. While a trial might not boost your immediate order value, it can earn you more reliable, long-term profits.

Double Your Profit with SamCart One-Click Upsells

SamCart helps creators and online sellers profit more with the latest e-commerce tools and features—including our one-click upsell. You can get started with a SamCart trial or a free copy of our Customer Acquisition Mini-Book today!