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SamCart Customer Support Is Moving To Freshdesk


You will notice something new inside of your SamCart Dashboard the next time you login. It’s not a brand new color scheme, and we haven’t finally decided to monetize your dashboard with targeted banner ads.

The SamCart dashboard has a beautiful new design
Although who doesn’t love KozyShack pudding, am I right?

But we did make a significant change to how you get in touch with the SamCart Support Team.

For years, we have relied on a tool called Intercom for communicating with you from right inside of your account. But today, we are rolling out a brand new flow for your customer support using a new tool called Freshdesk. We are extremely excited about this change, and what it means for you!

You will still be able to shoot our team a message straight from your SamCart Dashboard, but the magic is what happens after that message is shipped off to SamCart HQ. But we’ll get into that in a second.

Contact the SamCart Support Team from your dashboard
Same in-app communication, right from your dashboard.

We put a lot of time, energy, and planning into this decision. The biggest factor behind this change was your experience with SamCart. We want to continue to provide the best support of any tool you use online, and this switch will be a big part of that.

In the spirit of transparency, let’s dive into the 4 main reasons we are moving our entire Customer Support operation from Intercom to Freshdesk.

1: Intercom Live Chat Confusion

SamCart’s Customer Support is email based. While the SamCart Team is growing (hiring in Austin and DC), we are not in a position to offer true live chat to every customer (yet!).

However, Intercom looks so much like live chat, that it created a ton of confusion. About 1 in 5 messages into our team had nothing but short messages, like “Hey there.” So the customer would wait for a reply, just to be asked what their question was, and then wait again for the answer.

The mismatch between the look of Intercom and the service Team SamCart provides actually lengthened wait times! It created unnecessary back and forth, and ended up creating too much confusion.

Our new in-app support will eliminate this confusion altogether, while still providing the exact same quality of support from our team. Or to be more accurate, it will actually boost the quality…

2: Better Service To You

The switch to Freshdesk will help us provide you with even better service. There are a number of reasons that Intercom isn’t an ideal tool for handling customer support. But the main problem we had is that they operate under a “First In, First Out” system. When you’re dealing with a thriving customer base, and 4,000 to 5,000 conversations every month, that system starts to break down.

With Freshdesk powering SamCart Support, we have the ability to route your question exactly where it needs to be without unnecessary back and forth messages. We can prioritize your ticket and seamlessly fit your messages into our escalation workflows that happen behind the scenes every day to make SamCart the most reliable payment platform on the internet.

This switch also eliminates extra wait times that came from about 30% of the messages we received being sent from customers who were not logged in. So if a customer dropped us a message while searching through one of our Help Articles, Intercom would lump that message in with hundreds of messages from non-customers.

Not anymore. When you contact our team, you will automatically be prioritized based on your SamCart plan and the urgency of your problem. We also have outlined the following Service Level Agreements (“SLAs”) for your Customer Support experience.

  • SamCart Launch: 16 business hours
  • SamCart Grow: 8 hours
  • SamCart Scale: 4 hours
  • SamCart Enterprise: 2 hours

These are our goals. And we are confident that Freshdesk is the right tool to help us make that happen.

3: 92% Isn’t Good Enough

In 2019, you gave our Customer Support team a 92% rating. If you take just ratings from SamCart Customers (and don’t include ratings from other people who reached out), that rating jumps above 95%.

And along the way, we received hundreds of awesome comments like this one from Trina, “When I had an affiliate order not show up….McKenna stayed on with me past closing time to help me figure it out!”

Or this one from Chris, “Let me start here – their customer service is beyond customer service…I’m a customer for life and I’m just beyond impressed with everyone and everything about SamCart.”

Just one more I swear. Donna left one of my favorite SamCart reviews I’ve ever read, “For me, customer service is the benchmark of much a company really cares…I recommend SamCart to anyone serious about growing your business with good people.”

Earning a 92% rating is great. But we are aiming higher in 2020.

Serving you is a priority for us. It is a core value to our company, and we will do everything we can to make sure SamCart Customer Support is the best support you receive online.

4: Customer Support That Grows With you

Every single day, the SamCart Community sells more than $1 Million of their own books, online courses, cosmetics, adventure vacation packages, gym memberships, SaaS applications, basketball training, language tutoring, yoga supplies, nutrition coaching, parenting strategies, and everything in between.

Our community is growing. The SamCart Team is growing. This change is about providing the best support possible right now, and into the future where tens of thousands of new businesses are embracing the simplest way to sell your stuff online.

Freshdesk gives us the opportunity to inject some structure into our Customer Support, and that means better service that is ready to grow alongside this incredible community.

So login to SamCart and give us a shout. Try out the new Support flow, and see why we have put some serious resources into switching platforms to serve you better.

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