Who Needs AI? Seasoned Sellers vs. New Creators

March 29, 2023
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AI is undoubtedly changing the e-commerce landscape. However, both experienced sellers and new creators alike might resist the help of artificial intelligence. So, who needs AI? Should you be using artificial intelligence in your online business? The experts at SamCart are here with insight.

AI for Seasoned Sellers

Naturally, seasoned online sellers can be hesitant to adopt AI. You might think, “I built my e-commerce success the hard way—so why should I introduce AI now?” It’s true—your hard work has paid off, and you know your business best. However, AI can provide critical support for seasoned sellers without compromising the quality or integrity of your business. Let’s take a look at three reasons experienced sellers need AI.

1: Helping Experienced Sellers Compete with Big Businesses

While AI might feel new, it infiltrated the world of e-commerce years ago. From automatic product recommendations to instant-response chatbots, AI has been around longer than you might realize. However, AI was initially only accessible to the largest businesses in the online marketplace. There is one major shift with our latest AI wave: The power of AI is now accessible to help small businesses earn a competitive share in the online marketplace. These free tools and features can help experienced sellers quickly scale, grow, and profit.

2: Alleviating Unnecessary Stress

Seasoned sellers might feel stress growing alongside their success. But, as your business takes off, AI can help you manage extra work. From answering emails to launching new products, artificial intelligence can help carry some of the additional weight. You can keep reading below for insight on implementing AI in your online sales process.

3: Reducing Overhead Costs

Seasoned sellers might have a hard time maintaining a one-person show. However, paying a team to help manage your marketing, product delivery, or sales content will have your overhead skyrocketing. In addition, with recent staffing shortages driving up wages, seasoned sellers cannot compete with the compensation provided by large businesses. You will need to reduce overhead expenses to maximize your digital product profits. AI tools can supplement your workforce needs—minimizing your staffing costs. Best of all, this puts you back in the driver’s seat of your operations. With the help of AI, you can profit more while maintaining complete control of your business.

AI for New Sellers

AI can help new creators make their debut in the online marketplace. Too often, creators talk themselves out of monetizing—focusing too much on the “why not.” AI can silence the background noise and help you launch your online business. Let’s take a look at three reasons new creators need AI.

1: Help Getting Started

As the saying goes: the best time to start was yesterday. The second best time is right now. You might feel like you have some catching up to do with all of the businesses that started sooner. Thankfully, pairing AI with advanced e-commerce features can help you get started in minutes. For example, a drag-and-drop product page builder partnered with AI content can almost instantly create an online storefront. This process would traditionally take several weeks (or even months) of work and an entire web team to complete. You can seamlessly launch your progress ahead of those who did not take advantage of the latest AI technology.

2: Finding Your Way

As you begin building your e-commerce business, it can take time to find your brand voice and iron out your product descriptions. However, this journey does not need to come at the expense of potential sales. AI-generated content can serve as a placeholder—giving you time and space to steady your footing. You can later replace this content with a narrative tailored to your professional goals and visions. Meanwhile, the passive income of your potential sales can help fund your business growth.

3: Growing Your Business

Even established influencers may need to ramp up outreach as they start monetizing. As your content needs evolve, AI can help you grow and adjust. For example, AI content generators like ChatGPT can help with email marketing campaigns, social media caption ideas, and advertising content inspiration. Now that you’re feeling more comfortable with the idea of artificial intelligence, how do you use AI tools in online sales?

The Application of AI in the Online Marketplace

For better or worse—AI can affect your e-commerce success. The key to successfully integrating AI into your online business is to know when to use it.

When NOT to Use AI Tools in E-Commerce

When it comes to AI, you must avoid flying too close to the sun. Currently, artificial intelligence cannot create any new ideas or thoughts. As such, using these tools to make your digital products and online courses might chip away at the unique value of your products. While relying entirely on AI for your e-commerce business is not a good idea, these tools can still help you profit.

When to Use AI Tools in E-Commerce

So, when is AI content helpful? Artificial intelligence is best used for supporting content, marketing, and materials. Let’s take a look at some examples:

  • Creating online course activities, study guides, or quizzes
  • Email marketing campaigns or ad copy
  • Social media marketing content
  • First drafts for online product descriptions
  • Grading and feedback for online submissions

As you test the waters with AI, it will be easy for you to tell what works for your business.

Tips for Using AI in Online Sales

While it can feel like a thin line to walk, optimizing your potential for AI success is possible with the right insights. Let’s unpack some tips for using AI in online sales.

  • Proofread: AI tools are still evolving. As developers work out critical errors, it is essential to proofread any AI-generated content for bias and inaccuracies.
  • Edit Everything: Even without apparent mistakes, you will want to edit any AI-generated content to include compelling product details and reflect the personality of your brand voice.
  • Pair with the Right Features: Your products, services, and content can only go as far as your e-commerce platform will take you. For example, an AI-generated account recovery campaign will only work with a proven Subscription Saver tool. Additionally, pristine content can only sell on a website with functional UX and checkout features. To set your business up for success, you will need the right e-commerce features on your side.

An E-Commerce Platform for Seasoned Sellers and New Creators

Whether you earn 6+ figures monthly or are just starting to monetize—SamCart’s e-commerce platform is here to help you boost profits and ease overhead work. You can learn more about AI with our FREE online AI workshop for proven sellers. New creators can get started in the world of e-commerce for free with a SamCart trial today!