SamCart’s PWYW Plan Makes Benjamin Lee’s Montessori Parenting Course Accessible to All

February 22, 2023

Benjamin Lee Harrington has always cared about early childhood education. After working as a lead educator with the non-profit organization Peace One Day, as well as working as a primary school teacher, he decided to focus his career on early childhood education. When his daughter was born, he successfully completed a 0-3 Montessori course, studied and passed a qualifying exam and received a Montessori Diploma from the well-known Association Montessori International. While he still runs his own Montessori class, Ben knew he wanted his knowledge to make a difference in the lives of children and parents worldwide. He created an online course focused around parenting from birth to age three, instructing parents through the Montessori methods that he was trained in, and including personal advice and lessons he learned from being a father to his three young children. “My goal is to make this the most impactful course on earth in the early childhood arena,” said Benjamin.

But creating an online course and publishing it can be two different things. Benjamin heard of SamCart from friends, and decided to search for the platform online. He was thrilled to find that SamCart was offering a promotion– $299 for a yearly subscription to the Launch plan. “I am a bit of a commitment phobe,” laughed Ben. “When you put so much work into a project, and have such big plans and vision for it, choosing the platform you’re going to use is quite a scary decision! But this was a really great offer, and so I thought, ‘You know what? This gives me a year to get my course published. I can do this.’” And while Benjamin knew he could charge high prices due to the quality of his course, he decided to go a different route. He used SamCart’s Pay What You Want (PWYW) feature to make his course available to parents in every financial situation.

While keeping the course within reach for lower income families, SamCart’s PWYW feature also encourages the potential for upsells and building customer relationships. Ben mentioned that in the future, in addition to the complimentary digital certificates of completion his customers receive, he intends to create formal embossed paper certificates that customers can purchase upon completion of the course. “That’s still a minimal cost,” he said, “but if someone has only paid $20 in the first place, instead of $200, or $300 for the course, and they love the course, they might decide to go for the upsell and get the official paper certificate.” SamCart offers many opportunities for upsells and order bumps, giving Benjamin options while still keeping his course reasonably priced with the PWYW feature.

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