SamCart Stories: How Nick Wolny Doubled AOV with a Simple Switch

May 14, 2021

What would it do for your bottom line, if your customers started paying you twice as much money? Well that's exactly what happened when author & consultant, Nick Wolny, switched to selling his digital training + services on SamCart. Armed with SamCart's powerful ecommerce features for maximizing Average Order Value (aka "AOV"), Nick's revenue took a massive jump forward. Specifically, his average order value went from $76.25 to $160.21, an increase of 110%! Get the full story, and learn how you can you can do the same in the video below...

Hats off to Nick for working his butt off, and creating great products that his audience loves! But let's dive in here, and take a look at exactly how this huge jump actually happened. Grab a notepad, because here we go...

4 Strategies For Writers & Consultants To Boost AOV

Whether you are a writer, a service brand, or a digital product creator, this success story has something for you. These lessons can help you unlock new sources of revenue, maximize the value of every single new order, and help build brand equity that can take your growth to new heights. Just like Nick, you are just a few tweaks from massive jumps to your results. The right idea with the right new features changes everything.

Productize Your Service

Anyone who has ever sold a service knows the pain of trying to find the needle in the haystack. The playbook for selling services is to find the few leads out there who are willing and able to pay you the big bucks! You don't want 10,000 clients paying $10. You want 10 clients paying you $10,000. That's great, but how do you reliably attract those perfect clients? Well Nick lays out one heck of a game plan for doing exactly that. And every service seller should be paying attention. Nick turned his expensive service packages into smaller, easier to buy digital products!

"Especially during quarantine, no one wanted to buy $15,000 implementation packages. So I needed to rapidly 'product-ize' my service packages." Nick quickly turned his expertise into several different product offerings, that all directly complemented his higher priced services. These new lower-priced products helped Nick grow the most important asset any business owner can have: his customer base! Nick used SamCart to easily build product pages where his visitors could learn about these new digital products, quickly place their order, and easily add more to their order as they checkout. As more and more people made the decision to buy one (or more!) of Nick's new digital products, he had a bigger and bigger pool of highly qualified leads for his services. Nick was no longer searching for a needle in a haystack.

Close The Loop

When creating his products, Nick noted that he wanted his offerings to fit together, "I want you to complete your set. I want you to collect all the Pokemon." He structures offers that encourage the feeling of "collecting" for his new customers. This strategy helped Nick unlock the potential behind a number of SamCart's best features for maximizing Average Order Value! Like the ability to let customers add other items to their order with multiple Order Bumps...

SamCart Order Bumps example from Nick Wolny

With these order bumps, Nick's customers could add more products to their order by simply clicking on the checkboxes you see above. Plus, Nick used SamCart's one click upsell feature to continue giving each customer the chance to easily purchase extra offers! Nick switched to SamCart from selling on a different platform, where his ability to use features like this was limited. He cited the increased conversion of his order bumps and one click upsells as the biggest reason he was thrilled with the decision to switch. "I switched over to SamCart on January 1st, and in my first month my AOV more than doubled. My front end offer is $47, so we're talking about quadrupling what every customer is spending." We say this all the time here, but when you give your customers the opportunity to spend more, they spend more. Nick's results are just the latest proof that everything can change when you have the right tools to make it easy for your customers to buy more.

Paid Discovery Calls For Perfect Clients

If you're a service based business, spending all of your time searching for that one client in a sea of prospects, Nick's "product-ization" strategy has big implications. How much time do you waste on discovery calls talking with unqualified prospects? It doesn't take long to realize it either, does it? Within minutes, you know wether the person you're talking to is going to be a good fit, or if this call is another wasted opportunity. Well, what if you knew every single prospect was highly qualified before you ever starting dialing?

Nick Wolney doubles average order value with SamCart

Every time a new customer comes in, Nick picks up the phone! This is the perfect opportunity to introduce new buyers to his higher priced writing implementation packages or other services. "Even if I'm not successful at selling my core offerings, the worst thing I've done is help a new client be successful with what they've just purchased." Nick's discovery calls are not blind shots in the dark. He knows that each and every customer of his digital products are ideal prospects for his higher priced offers. Building his customer list with these digital products not only brings in extra revenue, but helps attract the exact prospect Nick is looking for to build his core service business. "Before I started in the product-ization space, I had probably fewer than 30 total clients over that last several years. And then in the last year, I've gotten about 350 new clients. Some of them have just paid $50! But that's to create a pool of buyers, who behave differently, who give me a different pool of feedback, who volunteer to BETA test new things out. It's been so helpful to have that pool of buyers in my corner. So having a smooth checkout, where people are delighted to pick up a $50 product here and there, it's made a huge difference."

Turn Clients Into A Community

With a thriving new community of buyers, Nick has been able to field test new offers, getting instant feedback for a highly qualified group of his own customers. He is able to introduce exclusive content, provide early access, and build a community that itself can become a selling point for others. Not every buyer is going to sign up for the highest price service that Nick offers. But every single buyer finds themselves inside of a select group of like-minded people, all waiting for Nick's next move. The next time Nick rolls a new service out the door, or start selling a new digital product offer, he has a crowd of previous customers who will be anxiously waiting to find out more.

Sell More, Easier Than Ever

Selling your own digital products and services should be simple. See how Nick, and thousands of other business owners like him, are simplifying how they sell and unlocking more profit in the process, head over the SamCart pricing page and get your own account for free. Or, if you'd like to speak with a member of Team SamCart and get your questions answered by a real, live human, you can sign up for a live SamCart Demo right here.

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