How Nick Wolny’s “Bump” Sells Out His High-Priced Service: A SamCart Case Study

November 11, 2022

Nick Wolny, a writer and consultant, hit a wall with his online business during the early days of the COVID pandemic. “Especially during quarantine, no one wanted to buy $15,000 implementation packages. So I needed to rapidly ‘product-ize’ my service packages,” said Nick. He decided to productize his services to make them scalable. Instead of only offering high-end products as he had in the past, Nick focused his expertise into distinct products that complement the rest of his merchandise. This allows customers to start with a lower-priced item, and then slowly continue purchasing Nick’s products over time, building a client base that continues to come back for more. By creating a series of products that naturally flow from one to the next, customers continue to level up their knowledge, while remaining loyal customers for Nick’s brand. At SamCart, we call this “closing the loop,” since customers will continue to return to Nick’s page to purchase the next step in his product line. What Nick did next was a game-changer. Nick added paid discovery calls to his products– now, instead of needing clients to purchase a high-end product before meeting with Nick, they could schedule a one-on-one meeting as part of a lower-priced discovery call. Once customers met with Nick, they were much more likely to continue purchasing from him. “I had fewer than 30 total clients over the last several years. In the last year, I’ve gotten about 350 new clients,” said Nick. By engaging with his audience with a low entry fee, Nick built his community and increased engagement. Creating a pool of buyers who each behave differently will give me a different degree of feedback,” Nick said. “They’ll volunteer to help create a new product or service, to test things out. It’s been so helpful to have such cool buyers in my circle, having that community.” Clients who regularly work with Nick and engage with his content formed a community, where Nick now reaches out for feedback and product suggestions. Making the switch from viewing his audience as clients to a community has greatly improved his connections with his audience and their responsiveness to his content. If you’d like to be like Nick and step up your online business, join SamCart today! Want to read this case study in its original PDF format? Follow this link: Nick Wolny Case Study