Danielle Bonney McPherson is Expanding Memory Loss Care for Elders Using SamCart

February 8, 2023

Meet Danielle Bonney McPherson, a successful social worker and business owner in the elder care community. Danielle runs “Serving Our Seniors,” an elder care service, specialized in helping people with memory loss, with 50 dedicated employees in Kennebunk, Maine.   Despite her success in her local area, Danielle has always dreamed of helping even more people in need by publishing an ebook. Danielle has valuable knowledge about caring for people with memory loss, and she wanted to share her knowledge with the world.  But she kept putting off her dream because she didn't know how to get started. Selling online seemed confusing– she thought she would have to spend years learning how to code if she ever wanted to be an online creator.  Danielle found SamCart through an Instagram ad and decided to give it a try. As someone who was not well-versed in digital sales, she was initially intimidated by the idea of building her product page, but was soon relieved when she saw the step-by-step tutorials offered by SamCart. Danielle was amazed by how easy it was to create a beautiful template for her ebook with SamCart. As she went through each tutorial, she felt her confidence growing.  After learning how to use SamCart’s Drag & Drop Page Builder, Danielle was able to build a product page and publish her ebook, "How To Confidently Care For A Loved One With Memory Loss."  

 “Starting with SamCart gave me the confidence to try new marketing tools. If I can publish an ebook, I can market it, too!” said Danielle.   In her first week on SamCart, Danielle made 21 sales of her ebook without using any marketing tools or email lists. She was thrilled with these results, and determined to learn more marketing skills to boost her sales even more.  

  The ease of receiving purchases makes customers comfortable buying from SamCart sellers, especially since many of Danielle’s customers are elders who are less confident using the internet.  With the help of SamCart, Danielle was able to reach even more people with her valuable knowledge and help make a difference in their lives. Next, she’s working on building a course to provide even more elder care information to the public.  Danielle’s success story is a testament to the power of determination and the right tools. With SamCart by her side, she was able to achieve her goal of writing and selling an ebook, and can start creating a course to share her knowledge of caring for elders with even more people.  

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