Student Import Feature

September 7, 2021

Import Your Students with One Click with the Student Import Feature

SamCart Courses is the best way to deliver your courses to your audience, and the Student Import feature makes it even better. Bringing your course and students over to SamCart lets you do the following.

  1. - Earn more money
  2. - Stop paying for multiple platforms
  3. - Easily import students
  4. - Limit refunds and cancelations

Many course creators were excited to learn there was an all-in-one platform to create, deliver, and sell their courses. However, we kept getting one question from course creators using other platforms... Can you import students to SamCart from places like Thinkific, Kajabi and Teachable?

Import from Thinkific, Kajabi and Teachable

Check out this easy step-by-step video tutorial to import your students to SamCart Courses with the Student Import feature.

  With SamCart Courses, you’re no longer stuck hosting and delivering your course content on platforms that cost 2-3x more, but don’t do anything to increase sales.

How to Import Your Students

1. Go to "Students" tab of Courses App

Go to Students tab

2. Click "Import Students" button

Click Import Students

3. Select which Course(s) and Tier(s) will Apply to Your Students

Import Students

Right now, it's currently not possible to grant access to different courses for specific students. We recommend doing bulk uploads only for students accessing the same course. When importing your students you must grant them access to at least one course/tier. After you've done that click on the "Continue" button.

4. Import Your Students

You'll need a comma-separated values (CSV) file with three columns for your students’ First Name, Last Name and Email address. Make sure you don't have any extra columns or other formatting errors in your CSV file.

CSV File

Click "Browse Files", and upload your CSV file from your computer.

Upload CSV file

Confirm you have the correct course(s) and tier(s) for the students you'll be importing.

Click "Complete Import".

Complete Import

After the import is complete, your students will have a student profile and access to the selected course(s) and tier(s)! You'll get a notification on the Confirmation screen if any students didn't import. Once you've imported your students the following screen will pop up.

Successful Import

That's it. You've imported your students! Importing Students Makes You More Money SamCart makes it easy for customers to go on shopping sprees with order bumps and one-click upsells, just like Amazon does. Product bundles and payment plans give customers more incentive to purchase from entrepreneurs using SamCart. Course creators can do what they do best, so SamCart can do what it does best; close the sale. The best part about it is that you only need one great course to create a six or seven-figure business like Caitlin Bacher did. She’s earned over $1,000,000 with one course.

Join the Future of Online Education SamCart users earn three to five times more than sellers on other platforms. See why 20,000 businesses have used SamCart to sell more than $2 billion of their own products, goods and services. Sign up for a free demo today. Talk with a real member of our team seven days a week, and get answers about how SamCart can help you.

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