Everything You Need to Know About Online Sales Page Templates

December 23, 2022

In the fast-moving e-commerce world, getting started and keeping your pace forward can take a lot of work. The secret used by many content creators, influencers, and online sellers is sales page templates. SamCart is here to answer questions about online sales page templates and how creators can leverage them to monetize their work.

What is a Sales Page Template?

Online sales page templates are pre-designed layouts for creating a web page—typically for selling a product, online course, or service. While every template is different, they generally contain space for standard core site elements, including:

  • A catchy title or header that showcases your product or service.
  • Images or videos that visually display the product or service while highlighting your brand.
  • Description of your product or service, including features and benefits.
  • A call to action (CTA) that encourages visitors to become customers.
  • A simple checkout form that makes it easy for visitors to complete their purchase in as few clicks as possible.

Using a pre-designed template saves time, money, and effort in creating a professional and effective sales page optimized for conversions.

Using Templates: Will My Website Look Like Everyone Else’s?

You might wonder, “Do templates make all websites look the same?” The short answer is no—using a template will not cause your website to mirror that of another business. There are a few considerations to put your mind at ease:

  • Customization: While the foundation of your website might stem from the same template as another creator’s, customizations make each site unique. As you customize your site colors, images, and content—your page will highlight your brand and become indistinguishable from others.
  • Diverse Template Libraries: The more extensive a template library is, the more diversified results stand across the platform—which is why it is essential to partner with an established e-commerce platform that continually adds new sales page templates.
  • Keeping Your Focus on Sales: Even if your sales page has elements that distantly resemble other sites, this will not affect your sales. In fact, this can help your site feel familiar, trusted, and easier to navigate by customers.

How Do I Choose A Sales Page Template?

You can’t go wrong when choosing a template from a trusted site. Once you ensure your site is safeguarded with advanced security and PCI compliance, you can simply select the template that you feel best supports the aesthetic of your brand.

5 Benefits of Using Online Sales Page Templates

Sellers often prefer online sales page templates for the undeniable benefits they provide. So let’s dive into five template benefits that are especially helpful to creators.

1. Designed to Convert

Naturally, the purpose of your sales page is to convert site visitors into paying customers. Professional sales page templates (like those at SamCart) are designed to promote these conversions. From the layout to the design and the checkout form placement—each element of your template is thoughtfully crafted to support sales. By making it easy for customers to buy from your online store, sales page templates can boost your bottom line.

2. Save Time and Money

Building and maintaining a website can be both costly and time intensive. Online sales page templates can save you thousands of dollars and months’ worth of work. When paired with a drag-and-drop page builder (like SamCart’s), you can have a custom site up in minutes.

3. Widely Accessible: Start Your Business Right Away

Simply getting started can be the hardest part for many creators ready to monetize their work. It is easy to put off starting your own business, especially as creators get caught up in all of the potential pitfalls and challenges. Templates take away the excuses and uncertainties holding creators back—making it easy to jump right in. Once you get started, you will find monetizing easier than you might have imagined.

4. Mobile Optimized

Is your site optimized for both desktop and mobile performance? Creators often sell to customers through social media, which makes a responsive website essential. Mobile-responsive websites automatically adjust their layout to display correctly on devices with different screen sizes. As more and more users continue shopping online from their smartphones and tablets—you will need a mobile-optimized site. Thankfully, sales page templates are pre-designed to be responsive across mediums.

5. Attractive and Customizable

A professional graphic designer typically helps create sales page templates—so they are built to be aesthetically pleasing. Expert design elements attract customers to your brand. It can also increase trust in your product or service while improving your overall user experience.

Introducing 6 New Sales Page Templates From SamCart

SamCart is helping creators finish the holiday season with record-breaking sales—and prepare to start 2023 stronger than ever. We are excited to present six new “done for you” sales page templates, available now in the SamCart template library. As with all of our templates, these new releases are carefully crafted by professional web designers and tailored to help creators boost sales. Sign up for your 7-day free trial between 12/26 – 12/31 and get even more! We are gifting new trial subscribers a free digital copy of the SamCart Profit Playbook. The Profit Playbook is a complete guide to 53 marketing strategies designed to help content creators double their profits. Get your copy along with a free SamCart trial to get started today!

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