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Managing Holiday Sales: E-Commerce Features For The Busiest Time Of The Year


Whether you celebrate the holiday season or not, it is the busiest time of the year for sellers. From retail to restaurants, customers are abundant during the holidays – and this is no less true for independent online businesses. So whether you are a content creator, social media influencer, or looking to sell your wares independently, prepare for your sales to be on the rise during the holiday season. 

SamCart is here to help make holiday transactions as seamless as possible for you and your customers.

Automatic Delivery: The Advantage of Selling Digital Products

You can make passive income by selling your work as a digital product during the holiday season. Digital sales can be replicated almost indefinitely— meaning that creators can earn an unlimited profit from each item. 

Another advantage of selling digital products is automatic delivery. In traditional sales, delivery can be the most challenging part of the holiday season. The Post Office is understandably busy this time of year, with lines out the door and stress all around. Additionally, you may need to spend money on packaging, shipping costs, express service, and delivery insurance to prepare physical product deliveries. 

Conversely, e-commerce platforms like SamCart will automatically deliver your digital products once the customer’s payment is processed. Managing holiday orders has never been easier. Best of all, you can ensure your customers get their products in time for the holiday—even for last-minute gifts!

Billing Simplicity for a Seamless Checkout Experience

Complicated billing processes can have adverse effects on both creators and their customers. You can make things easy this holiday season by partnering with an e-commerce platform that offers simple billing

SamCart works to make billing simple by partnering with a variety of payment options:

  • Pay What You Want Pricing: Studies have shown that allowing customers to pay what they want builds trust between you and your clients. It also means that customers who may not be able to afford as much as others for the holidays can comfortably purchase gifts through this feature without worrying about breaking the bank.
  • Credit and Debit Card Processing: Finding an e-commerce platform that accepts all major credit and debit cards can ensure customers will enjoy a seamless checkout experience with unmatched payment compatibility. 
  • Digital Wallet Compatibility: Many customers enjoy the convenience of buying with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other digital payment services. 

Increasing Your Holiday Sales With Upselling

The One-Click Upsell can help you boost holiday sales without the extra work. After checking out from your shop, customers might think of other loved ones who would enjoy gifts from your online store. (Let’s face it: many customers will also find gifts they’d enjoy while holiday shopping as well!) One-Click Upsells will give customers an exclusive offer after checkout that they can tack on to their existing purchase. 

One-Click Upsells are proven to help boost sales by almost 70%. This sales method ensures a successful income for your holiday season— while allowing your customers to check off every person on their list.

Have A Stress-Free Holiday With SamCart

Keep your audience coming back for more, even as the holiday season subsides. SamCart helps creators, influencers, and online businesses thrive in the e-commerce market. You can get started today with a demo or free trial from SamCart!

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