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New Media Grid Widget Now Available

New Features

There is a brand new addition to the SamCart drag & drop Content Builder! Introducing the new Media Grid widget.

Media Grid is designed to help you beautifully showcase pictures of your product, your customers, your software, or anything else you need! Add your own Media Grid to your SamCart product page, and see why all you need is one simple page.

The Media Grid Widget

This brand new widget is now available inside of the drag + drop content builder alongside all the other widgets you know and love. 

Use the media grid to display pictures of your physical product, or screenshots of your new software. Throw in pictures of your working with your clients. Or use each image to showcase a different part of your online video course. 

The new media grid joins the entire lineup of other widgets at your fingertips. Like countdowns timers to inject scarcity, testimonials that add social proof, FAQs to overcome big objections, and all the others.

Show pictures with Samcart Media Grid

Higher Conversions With One Page

Simplify your business, and let SamCart power your sales from one simple page.  Customize your page with all these widgets, and then let SamCart do what it does best…supercharge your ecommerce.

This widget is available to use with any of SamCart’s pre-designed templates like Fitness, Masterclass, or Inventor. 

SamCart Done for You Sales Page templates

And once your product page is designed, thats when the real fun begins. Leverage all of SamCart’s powerful Ecommerce features to maximize your conversions, and boost your profits. 

Boost Profits With Advanced Ecommerce Features

Like converting more visitors by shortening the buying process when you remove fields you don’t need. 

Shorten Checkout length to boost conversion

Customize exactly how your page looks on mobile, so every single visitor has the a simple path to buying!


Add multiple order bumps so your customers can buy more stuff with every order. SamCart’s database tells us that adding just one of these order bumps increase your average customer value by 31%! 

Plus, you can tack on one click upsells and downsells, where customers can buy other stuff with just one single click of the mouse. Just like Amazon, and when you make it that easy to buy more, people buy more. And if you thought order bumps were cool, a single one click upsell boosts average customer value by 68%!e

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If you are ready to see how more than 15,000 businesses have used SamCart to sell more than $1.8 Billion of their own products, goods, and services, then head over to and grab a free demo today. 

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You can see all the powerful checkout features that multiply your sales, the beautiful pre-designed templates that help launch your products faster than ever, and the simple platform that makes running your business simple. 

Head over to, and grab your free demo today. You can talk with a real member of our team, and get answers about how SamCart can help YOU.

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