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New Media Grid Widget Now Available

This post has been updated and includes a customer testimonial.

Media Grid: Designed with Showcasing in Mind 

We often talk about what it takes to create a winning sales page, but we want to highlight a very important feature that can go unnoticed at times when creating your sales page, the Media Grid widget.

The Media Grid widget might be the unsung hero living inside SamCart’s drag-and-drop content builder.

Media Grid: Drag. Drop. Done.

You can use the Media Grid to easily display images of your digital and physical products. You can also have photos of customers enjoying your products and services or screenshots of your courses and software.

The Media Grid is perfect for displaying professional mockup photos.

 You can even showcase yourself in action if you work with customers directly.

One and Done

The Media Grid is just another reason why you only need one high-converting sales page that looks great on all devices and not some bloated storefront.

Sale Page Looks Great on All Devices

Our one-page sales templates include other widgets that are super easy to use and do so many important jobs like:

  1. – Add testimonials for social proof
  2. – Create scarcity with countdown timers
  3. – Offer guarantees to gain customer trust
  4. – Include FAQ sections to overcome objections
  5. – Show progress bars to show visitors progress on a page

The Media Grid widget can be used with any one of our beautifully-designed templates and is available on all SamCart plans.

K.I.S.S. (Keep it Simple Sales)

The secret is simplicity. Shortening the sales process is what made SamCart the fastest-growing eCommerce platform in the world.

Shorten Checkout length to boost conversion

Use SamCart’s drag-and-drop content builder to easily customize your page. Pick the widgets you want, and let SamCart do the heavy lifting with our world-class eCommerce features like our Order Bumps and One-Click Upsells.

Maurice “Runway Billionaire” Bowman is one of SamCart’s most successful users. He used Order Bumps and One-Click Upsells and quadrupled his sales in one week. It all started with one $7 product.

He’s now a seven-figure seller with SamCart and one of our greatest Success Stories.

Read: How Maurice Bowman went from Homelessness to $1,000,000

Adding one single Order Bump increases your average customer values by over 30%. Adding a One-Click Upsell increases it by nearly 70%! 

With SamCart you can increase that number even more with multiple Order Bumps.


It’s that simple. Shorten the sales process, and give people more opportunities to buy.

It’s what makes SamCart the eCommerce platform for creators.

Read: Step-by-step guide on how to use the Media Grid widget. 

Put Your Business on Display Today

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