Customer Hub is Live

February 2, 2022

Creators are on a Journey

As a creator you often start off alone, grinding away on a laptop late into the night trying to breathe life into your dream. At some point, you find it. That first sale comes through. You did it. You’re a creator. Then you go from your first sale to your first $1,000. It’s exhilarating. You’ve got tons of ideas brewing. You feel invincible. Your life is changing. Business is growing. That’s good! However, as your business grows, so do the needs of that business. Now you have customers who need your help. You have forms to fill out, taxes to take care of. That glorious feeling you once had is slowly fading. Your creative juices are drying out, and you’re spending time on small things that your customers can be doing for themselves.

Customer Hub has Entered the Chat

Customer Hub is your customer’s one-stop shop for helping with their billing, managing subscriptions, getting invoices, updating payment information and more. Stay creative, and reinvest more time into what fueled you in the first place.

Customer Hub is like having a free 24/7 customer support representative. Now you don’t have to worry about hiring a virtual assistant who could possibly compromise your information or that of your customers. Keep your customers’ information secure with Customer Hub’s “Magic Link” login. This is the same technology used by some of the biggest brands in the world to keep sensitive information private.

Reclaim Your Time

Customer Hub gives you back time to focus on the creative aspects that made you fall in love with becoming a creator to begin with. It keeps you from having to do those mindless tasks that customers can take care of on their own and do so more quickly. Customer Hub lets you create happier customers with self-serve support.

Customers with subscriptions can see their next billing date, and if they have further questions, Customer Hub can even point them where to go next to get more help. If you want customers to have to talk to you or a member of your team before canceling a subscription, Customer Hub has you covered.

Just like our addition of Order Bumps to the checkout process, or Course Cross-Sells inside of SamCart’s Courses App, we’re going to continue to innovate, and put powerful eCommerce features at your fingertips. Customer Hub is available right now on all SamCart Scale and Enterprise plans.

Automate the Small Stuff

Join over 23,000 other creators who have used SamCart to sell more than $2 billion of their own products, goods and services. Check out our plans, and grab a free demo today.

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Real team members are at your service seven days a week. Our Knowledge Base is also a great resource if you have any questions. We’ve created powerful features to multiply your sales. Our beautiful pre-designed templates help creators launch products faster than ever. SamCart makes running your online business simple.

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