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A Guide to CreatorU Live (and How You Can Save)


If you are familiar with CreatorU by SamCart, you know that you can unlock courses from top online retailers to help you grow your business. CreatorU Live offers additional support with live workshops from SamCart’s leading online retailers, influencers, and content creators. 

Here is a quick guide to CreatorU Live and how you can save by joining today. 

What is CreatorU Live?

CreatorU Live is a subscription service to live workshops from top industry professionals who provide their secrets to success in e-commerce. Subscribing unlocks playbooks, blueprints, templates, and classes proven to help grow online sales. Twice each month, our community of influencers, creators, and online businesses come together to engage in live, interactive workshops. CreatorU Live also includes access to our library of content and previously recorded sessions. 

3 Benefits of CreatorU Live

CreatorU Live carries the same core benefits of CreatorU—providing tips, insights, and secrets directly from millionaires in your industry to gain insights on growing your business and wealth. 

However, you can find some additional benefits when upgrading to Live, including:

1) Interactive and Personalized Guidance from Professional Creators

When navigating the world of online sales, it can be hard to keep up with all the moving parts. One slight misunderstanding can leave you feeling lost. Industry-leading experts can help light the way with personalized mentorship from live workshops. You can ask questions, gain insights, and confidently grow your business. 

Even when watching the recorded version of a previous workshop, you are still reaping the enhanced benefits of CreatorU Live. By nature, these interactive courses by industry mentors are tailored to answer questions and provide insights for creators like you. 

2) Renewed Relevance for Online Businesses

The online sales landscape is constantly changing and evolving. Older videos might not have the foresight to address newer problems. We continuously update all CreatorU and CreatorU Live classes to maintain relevance. However, live workshops are unmatched in truly capturing the energy, challenges, and opportunities that each month brings. 

3) Connecting with the Creator Community

It is easy to feel disconnected when running a business online. Live classes connect you with a real person who has been in your shoes—and walked them to success. Not only does this help you reframe and strengthen your mindset, but it can also connect you with a community of creators and provide the tools you need to succeed. 

What if I Can’t Make It to a CreatorU Live Session?

Scheduling can be complicated, especially as you work to grow your online business. Thankfully, CreatorU Live offers the flexibility to work with your schedule. We record our sessions so you can go back and view them later. This makes it easy to rewatch old videos or catch a workshop you might have missed. Each month, our library of exclusive content grows—giving you an arsenal of insight dating back to the start of CreatorU Live.

Buy Now and Save on CreatorU Live

When looking at a platform that can help you make $10,000+ in online sales every month, you might expect to pay close to $5,000 (or more) each year. We are preparing to raise the yearly price of CreatorU Live to $1,997. However, when you buy before midnight tonight (Thursday, 9/29), you can save $1,000 and pay just $997. 

Start Saving with CreatorU Live

CreatorU Live helps you become an efficient and savvy business professional. You can save time and money when you optimize your approach to landing page creation, social media marketing, and so much more. By immediately implementing proven strategies—such as copy/paste templates and guided blueprints created by industry millionaires—you can start growing your bottom line right away while protecting your resources. 

Risk-Free Learning with CreatorU Live

Our intention with CreatorU Live is to provide creators with the insights they need to earn ten times the cost of our memberships (or more). The CreatorU Live Money Back Guarantee ensures that you can invest without the risk. After your first two live sessions, if you do not think you will earn back your money 10X over—you can request a full refund.

Get started with CreatorU Live risk-free today to save!

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