The Ultimate Ecommerce Platform For Hubspot

May 25, 2023
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If you are searching for the perfect ecommerce solution to partner with your Hubspot CRM, you’re in the right place. Get the full value of Hubspot by partnering their powerful CRM with a true ecommerce platform built for digital creators. 

Hubspot CRM is the ultimate tool for automating your inbound marketing. But if you’re stuck connecting your Hubspot to a sub-par ecommerce tool, then you are paying for a Ferrari that only goes into second gear. Hubspot can do so much for your marketing automation. But it is only as powerful as the data you can provide. 

hubspot ecommerce integration

The Ecommerce Bridge for Hubspot

Using your Hubspot account to its fullest potential starts with connecting it to the right tools. Imagine having a complete picture of where each of your customers came from, what product(s) they bought, their outstanding balance, who referred them, what ad they clicked on, what email they read, and more. That is exactly what you get when you integrate SamCart with Hubspot.

Data is power. Connecting SamCart ecommerce to your Hubspot CRM gives you all the marketing power you could want. All while using SamCart’s customizable Integration Engine that allows you to hand-deliver your ecommerce data exactly where you need it in Hubspot. 

With SamCart’s customizable Integration Engine, you are in complete control of every piece of data that flows through your ecommerce. Let’s see how it works. 

Hubspot Ecommerce Integration Rules

Connect Hubspot CRM to your SamCart account by visiting the Integrations tab in your Marketplace Settings. You will integrate by using signing into Hubspot’s secure oAuth system. 

After your Hubspot ecommerce integration is set up, you can begin to send ecommerce data to Hubspot through the use of integration rules. In SamCart, there are two kinds of integration rules.

  1. Product Rules which only fire when specific products are involved
  2. Global Rules which fire for each product in your SamCart Marketplace

SamCart Integration Rules can be triggered by 21 different trigger events. Events include the completion of a new order, creation of a subscription, a refund, a partial refund, a successful subscription charge, the completion of a digital course, and more. For a full list of SamCart Integration Trigger Events, visit our Hubspot integration help article

These integration rules are fully customizable, and put you in complete control of your data flow. 

Update Hubspot Deal Pipeline

The first rule we recommend putting into place involves updating Hubspot deals. Deals are used in Hubspot to track a prospect through your sales cycle. SamCart’s Integration Rules can automatically update any customer’s Hubspot deal. 

Hubspot Deal Pipeline

So right after a customer places an order through SamCart, the integration rule can update that contact’s deal in Hubspot to move that contact through your sales pipeline. SamCart provides full data about how much was spent, what products were purchased, future value of recurring sales, and more. 

Access to this data keeps your marketing automation on schedule and unlocks the full power of Hubspot. When you have the data you need, you can provide an outstanding customer experience with perfectly timed marketing automation.

Automatic Contact Property Mapping

Filling out contact properties is the lifeblood of a healthy Hubspot account. Connect SamCart to Hubspot and hand-match SamCart ecommerce data with the right Hubspot contact property. So when someone tells you they are buying your fitness bootcamp to lose weight while buying, you can deliver that data to the perfect Hubspot contact property, “Reason For Buying”. 

hubspot ecommerce automation

From the SamCart Integrations tab, you can create mappings for your SamCart Custom Fields. Any custom field in SamCart can be matched to any Hubspot contact property. Ensuring that all the data you collect from a SamCart checkout flow is correctly passed back to Hubspot, and placed exactly where you need it. 

Sync With Hubspot Ecommerce Dashboard

Each order placed on SamCart will be reflected in your Hubspot Ecommerce dashboard. So every dime of revenue, every subscription charge, every failed payment will all be reflected inside of Hubspot.  

You will be able to track the exact ROI of your Hubspot workflows, calculate lifetime value from specific ad campaigns, and watch your revenue grow thanks to SamCart’s advanced ecommerce features that make you money.

Accurate, real-time data is essential for effective forecasting. Our enhanced HubSpot integration ensures your sales and revenue projections are as accurate as possible. 

Unlock The Full Power of Hubspot with SamCart

This new feature is now available for users like you that are on our Scale and Enterprise plans. Unlock even greater access to critical e-commerce data. Let the Ferrari loose by finally partnering the right ecommerce platform with Hubspot.

Get a 360-degree view of your customers' buying behavior, preferences, and interests. By merging your sales and marketing data, you’ll be in prime position to deliver highly targeted campaigns that convert. That means more personalized customer experiences, smarter sales & marketing strategies, and improved business forecasting.

If you want to try out this new integration, Start a free trial of SamCart today. See how having a true ecommerce platform can produce real results. 

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How does SamCart integrate with HubSpot?

SamCart seamlessly integrates with HubSpot through a robust integration system. By connecting your SamCart and HubSpot accounts, you can effortlessly sync customer data, order information, and other relevant details. This integration ensures a smooth flow of information between the two platforms, allowing you to centralize your e-commerce operations and marketing efforts in one place.

Can I use SamCart with my existing HubSpot workflows and automations?

Absolutely! SamCart is designed to work harmoniously with your existing HubSpot workflows and automations. Whether you want to trigger specific actions based on customer behavior, segment your audience, or personalize marketing campaigns, SamCart's integration with HubSpot empowers you to leverage the full potential of both platforms in tandem. It's the ultimate solution for a streamlined and automated e-commerce experience.

What e-commerce features does SamCart bring to HubSpot users?

SamCart enhances the e-commerce capabilities of HubSpot users by offering a range of features, including customizable checkout pages, one-click upsells, order bumps, and subscription management. With SamCart, you can optimize your sales process, increase conversion rates, and provide a seamless shopping experience for your customers—all within the HubSpot ecosystem. Elevate your e-commerce game with the ultimate platform designed for success.