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October 9, 2020
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This post has been updated. In SamCart's latest update, you now can save your sales page designs as a template! Launching and selling new products is now even easier, as you can roll out your favorite saved templates with just a few clicks. Check out this brand new feature in the video below!

Launch and Sell Even Easier with Saved Templates

Every day, thousands of businesses create new products and showcase them using our beautiful, pre-designed templates. These templates all follow our “single page” design, which simplifies your entire selling process. It showcases what you’re selling and excites your audience. Then it closes the sale as quickly, and easily as possible. That's what a winning sales page is supposed to do. Now when you create a page you love you can save that design as your own private template. So when you introduce a new pre-sale to your audience next month, roll out a new flash sale over the weekend, or just want to split-test some changes on the most important page in your entire business…your favorite design is waiting for you.

Saved Templates Save You Time

Open any SamCart product, and launch the Content Builder. Then in the sidebar, click on the Settings tab and hit the button to save your page as a new template. Anytime you create a new product, you can open the builder, load up your private template and start customizing. Add a new headline, a new image, some new bullet points. Now you're ready to start selling a brand new product in minutes.

Save your SamCart pages as a template

You can even take your templates, and load them into your One-Click Upsells! So you can have your entire checkout flow look flawless, and easily put One-Click Upsells, the most powerful profit-boosting feature there is, to work multiplying your profits.

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