SamCart Takeover: Becki and Chris

February 14, 2022
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On this SamCart Takeover, the team is checking out the super creative husband and wife duo of Becki and Chris. Becki and Chris are all about travel, design, photos, and filmmaking!

Becki and Chris YT Banner

We’ve been fans for quite some time. They’re super unique and talented, and they have a helicopter! So, we made a beautiful sales page for them with SamCart. Check it out. Becki and Chris have around 500,000 followers across their social media platforms, but the skies are looking cloudy as far as their monetization strategy goes. That’s why we’re here.

Becki and Chris and all the Revenue Streams

Becki and Chris have their hands in many pots. That sounds great, but not every pot is created equal. We figure these monetization pots might look something like this.

Becki and Chris revenue pots

Becki and Chris offer many products on their website. Their website is gorgeous. However, there’s one massive problem. It’s built with Squarespace. Squarespace is great for building a pretty website to do what many other website builders do like host a blog, or showcase a portfolio, etc. However, when it comes to selling products, Squarespace isn’t optimized for selling.

Becki and Chris Squarespace

We figure every creator would want a website that looks great and helps with selling. Becki and Chris also have courses on Skillshare and Moment's online course platform. So they have to keep track of more accounts than they need to for their courses when they could bring everything under one roof with SamCart Courses. Anyone who saw our SamCart Takeover of Ali Abdaal’s business knows how we feel about Skillshare. Say Becki and Chris send 1,000 people over to Skillshare. Their revenue might look like this.

Becki and Chris 1000 clicks $700

Many people will sign up for a free trial of Skillshare and cancel. If Becki and Chris sold a course for just $10 on SamCart, and 1,000 people came by their page and bought some Order Bumps and One-Click Upsells revenue could look like this.

Becki and Chris 1000 clicks $1150

Remember, they've got 500,000 followers across their platforms. We think they could be making $1 per year per follower, and that’s a conservative estimate. However, the buying process on their website takes way too many clicks to complete. It also doesn’t allow buyers to add more products on the spot. Imagine going to the supermarket to grab 10 items, but you have to walk through the entire store 10 times, and you can only grab one item with each lap around the store. Every additional click on a website is a roadblock to a sale. That’s why a page that's optimized to sell is the way to go. That’s what our winning sales pages do. They make it easy to provide customers with more opportunities to buy from you.

Becki and Chris 1000 clicks $4140

Combine SamCart’s advanced selling and reporting tools with Becki and Chris’ impressive array of products and content, and they could soar higher than that helicopter could ever take them.

Becki and Chris helicopter

It sure looks like fun, though. Check out other SamCart Takeovers here.

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