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SamCart Takeover: Doc Rock


How Much Money Does 2.4 Million YouTube Views Get You?

Doc Rock is a Content Creation Coach and the Community Manager of Ecamm Live, a service teaching how to easily live stream on Mac iOS. In addition to running his successful YouTube Channel and blog, Doc lives and works in Honolulu, HI as a Custom Fabricator.

This week, our SamCart experts took a look at where Doc Rock makes his money, and what he can do to up his revenue while promoting his content.

We shared some fantastic suggestions, including:
-Offering small packages for discounted rates to hook new beta users
-Eliminating “one-and-done” sales by adding order bumps to each product page
-Adding new content to old video descriptions to boost new product sales from old videos that are still gaining views

Make sure to watch the full Takeover video to catch our full list of tips and tricks from our SamCart experts!

Check out the video here, or watch it below:

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