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SamCart Takeover: Vuh Landes


Detroit Photographer Could Make $250K in 2023… And You Could Too!

Vuh Landes runs a photography Instagram, a YouTube Channel, and sells preset packs for aspiring photographers. Based in Detroit, Michigan, Vuh focuses on creative photography, capturing subjects and landscapes from his hometown. He has over 400K followers between YouTube and Instagram, and markets his work on his online shop.

This week, the SamCart team zoomed in on Vuh’s business, seeing where he could make more money and boost his following using SamCart’s services.

Focusing on upping Vuh Landes’ sales, increasing his revenue and reach, led us to three suggestions:
-Delete the Store
-Curate the Experience
-Extend the Journey

Want to find out more?

Check out this week’s Tuesday Takeover, exclusively from SamCart, on our YouTube Channel or below:

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