SamCart Takeover: A Mere Creator

October 28, 2022
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A Mere Creator Makes HOW Much Money?

Amir, host of the YouTube channel A Mere Creator, teaches his audience how to restore furniture, build home decor, and make their DIY dreams come true. His YouTube Channel has almost a quarter of a million subscribers, and he regularly hits multimillion views on his TikToks. Clearly, there's a lot of interest in Amir's work! This week, SamCart experts took a look into Amir’s business, searching for gaps in his sales strategy that SamCart can fill. Here were our key takeaways: - Amir is missing out by only offering Patreon to his subscribers. He currently has just 6 Patreon sponsors, out of nearly 250,000 YouTube Subscribers. - YouTube takes ad revenue from Amir's content. Using YouTube is not the most effective way to share videos and bring in revenue. - Amir doesn't offer online sales of woodworking trainings or content. In order to build a loyal paying audience, he needs to start offering paid content exclusively for his audience. Using SamCart would solve all of these problems for Amir. Creators can post exclusive videos on SamCart, charging membership fees without losing income to YouTube. In addition, by using SamCart instead of brand deals, creators maintain control over their content, and keep their hard-earned money. Want to watch the full video and find out more ways SamCart could help Amir? Check it out below, or on our YouTube channel here:

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