SamCart Takeover: Ali Abdaal

January 7, 2022
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Ali Abdaal Had the Worst Best Year Ever

Ali Abdaal is a ridiculously successful, UK-based doctor, content and course creator, investor, mentor, author and more with a global following in the millions. Much of his content has to do with productivity, studying and content creation. However, as intelligent and hardworking as Ali and his team is, he’s going about his online course business in a way that needs major adjustments, especially when it comes to his courses on Skillshare. Today we’re taking over his online course business. Check out the beautiful sales page we’ve created for him.

Ali is a prime example as to why if you have a decent following, there’s no reason to be on a platform like Skillshare. The good thing is that you don’t need to be in the 1% of creators to win with SamCart. We’re not saying Skillshare doesn’t have its place. Many creators use Skillshare successfully. However, in Ali’s case, it’s a really bad match, and he’s getting the short end of the stick. To date, Ali has enrolled 68,000 students on Skillshare. For context, the largest stadium in Major League Baseball, the Oakland Coliseum, can hold 63,000 people. Ali is not only leaving money on the table, but the table is being pulled away from him while one of its legs is being sawed off. It’s no surprise his most profitable offer is his Part-Time Youtuber Academy cohort course which is not sold on Skillshare. From not being able to build an email list, receiving a fraction of profits, tons of competition and a watch-time-based pay structure that penalizes creators if people are consuming content at faster speed, it’s pretty clear that SamCart has some advantages over Skillshare for Ali’s online course business.

Ali Abdaal Sample Page

Make it Make Sense

Ali is one of the most well-known personalities in the productivity space. One of the best productivity hacks of all time is to consume content at faster speeds. Ali preaches this. However, if someone consumes his content at 2X speed to be more productive, Skillshare will pay him half of what he would normally get, because that content was consumed in half the time. So, he’s being penalized, because people are doing exactly what he’s encouraging them to do, be more productive. We’re huge fans of Ali, and we want to see him and his team win. We had fun taking over as his business managers for the day on our livestream, but we’re serious when we say that bringing his online course business over to SamCart would be massive for him and his team. Ali Abdaal x SamCart = 🚀

The Champ is Here

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