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New Order Bump Collections Create Mini Shopping Sprees

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Create mini “shopping sprees” by making it simple for your customers to buy more products with new Order Bump Collections, from SamCart. This powerful new feature gives you the same profit-boosting features that companies like Apple and Amazon use to grow their bottom line.

Have you ever gone into a grocery store looking for one or two items, but ended up coming out with a cart full of stuff? We’d bet you’ve done on Amazon, or browsing through the Apple App store.

Now you can unlock the same sales and conversion secrets those Fortune 500 companies use every day to generate billions of dollars in sales with the newest feature from SamCart, Order Bump Collections.

Sell multiple products with new Order Bump Collections

Sell More Products Easier Than Ever

We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes here at SamCart for the past few months, engineering ways to increase your Average Order Value (AOV).

Adding an Order Bump to your checkout flow has always been one of our most popular ways to boost sales. When adding something else to your order is as easy and clicking a checkbox, customers happily spend more money.

An order bump from SamCart

SamCart’s database shows that adding one single Order Bump can increase your average customer value by +31%. That all stems from giving your customers the opportunity to spend more. 


Order bumps increase average customer value by 31%


So we doubled down, and made this feature even better! Today’s new update gives you new designs, layouts, and placements for your Order Bumps. New Order Bump Collections even allow you to add multiple Order Bumps to any page you create!

That allows you to sell an almost unlimited amount of products, all from one single page.

Boost Your Sales With Order Bump Collections

A few SamCart sellers have been BETA testing this feature for a few weeks now. Their results are going to turn some heads!

  1. 1) Matt S. used an order bump collection to capture +40% more revenue while selling his digital photo-editing presets.
  2. 2) Christie M. brought in an extra 29% to her bottom line in a recent enrollment for a new online course.
  3. 3) One children’s book seller used an order bumps collection to grow her sales by +36%.
  4. 4) Rock U. who was able to scale up his daily ad spend to new heights, because this new feature was boosting his average customer value.
  5. 5) Cara S. now has 42% of her customers happily spending more money every time they place an order.

These are just a few of our Success Stories.

This feature can double, or even triple, your profits the moment you add it to your checkout flow. And the best part is, you don’t need any additional traffic! Order Bump Collections make you more money from the orders you are already bringing in.

Create & Customize With Ease

With this new feature, you can choose to offer multiple products on the very same sales page. You can also display them in a variety of different layouts! Your Order Bump Collection can be stacked horizontally, vertically, or shown in a gird.

Order Bumps can even slide in, or display as a banner at the bottom of the page. Every customization is done quickly and easily!

Plus, now you can take complete control over the design of your Order Bump Collection. Easily customize the design by choosing your own colors, button styles, and outlines. Then add in your own custom headlines; upload a product image; type out a description, and even add a “strikethrough price” that displays the discount. 

These new settings will let you easily give your customers the ability to go on a mini shopping spree every time they buy from you! 

And the best part is, Order Bumps are perfect for any type of product, especially digital products! You can boost your sales by adding your own Order Bump Collection wether you are selling skateboards, lawn care services, gym memberships, online courses, or software. 

Give your customers the opportunity to spend more, and watch your business grow.

Build Your Own Collection Today

Order Bump Collections are now live inside of every SamCart Grow and Scale account! Login to your account;  open any product, and add an Order Bump Collection to your checkout flow today.

If you’re on the SamCart Launch plan, you can upgrade anytime from right inside of your SamCart Dashboard. Login to your account, and click on Upsells at the top of your dashboard. You can upgrade to SamCart Grow or Scale in the popup window! 

You’ll be instantly upgraded, and you’ll have instant access to Order Bump Collections, One-Click Upsells, multiple payment options, custom fields, and a whole host of other tools you can use to grow your business.

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