Introducing the Brand New Customer Hub

March 8, 2023

Reduce your customer support tickets with the brand new SamCart Customer Hub. Now you can automate those simple, repetitive tasks your customers always need. Save your time, and reinvest it back into growing your business.  The SamCart Customer Hub is the unified customer support hub where your customers can see their entire purchase history, download invoices, update their credit card, and even self-cancel their own subscriptions.  

Reduce Customer Support Tickets  Eliminate those layup support requests that are bogging down your support inbox. With SamCart’s Customer Hub, your customers can get all the info they need about their order, without you or your team needing to lift a finger. No more long wait times. No more confusion about what they bought.  Customers can visit your Customer Hub by clicking the link inside of their order receipts, subscription charge reminders, and more. Customer Hub uses a “magic link” login system. Which means there are no passwords to remember! Customer Hub emails your customer a secure magic link so they never get locked out.  And did we mention that Customer Hub works seamlessly on mobile devices? Your customers can get the help they need, regardless of what device they are using. Which is critically important, because our stats show us that just over 60% of Customer Hub visitors are logging in from a mobile device.  

What’s new in Customer Hub?  As part of this new update, we have introduced the Payment History tab within your Customer Hub. This is where customers can see every single past order, charge, and refund in one place.   Customers can see the details of an order by clicking on any line item on this Payment History table. They will be able to view a fully-loaded invoice, breaking down every detail of their order. Instantly see what items were purchased, what taxes or shipping was charged, what credit card was used, and more.  Each invoice is downloadable. Your customers can then submit the invoices for reimbursement, or file them away for tax reporting at the end of the year. Providing proper invoices to your customers is quickly becoming a necessary part of doing business online. If you are a creator in the European Union, make sure you get familiar with how to properly collect and report on VAT taxes for digital products.  

Offer ‘Self-Help’ Customer Support  With our Customer Hub, your customers even have the tools they need to manage their own subscriptions. Allow your customers to easily update their credit card on file, see when they’ll next be charged, and even cancel their subscription entirely—all without needing the help of a customer support team.   When your customers can manage their own subscriptions, you get happier customers and hours of your time back every single week.   If anyone does need extra attention, the Contact Us tab directs them to your email, social media profiles, or your customer support website. We’re making customer service painless.  

Now Available On SamCart Grow Plans  Customer Hub has previously only been available on our Scale plan. But along with today’s brand new updates, this support-boosting feature is now available on SamCart Grow as well. Customer Hub is now live inside of all SamCart Grow and Scale accounts.  Which means now you have the tools you need to thrill your customers, automate your repetitive support tasks, and give your community the tools it needs to get billing assistance.  If you ever want to, you can turn Customer Hub off with one click inside of your Marketplace Settings.  To get Customer Hub working for your customers, head over to today and start your free trial! Come and see how the right features will supercharge your ecommerce.   The all new Customer Hub is the perfect tool for serving your customers, and lowering your workload at the same time. So you can reinvest that previous time into creating new products, growing your audience, and thrilling your customers.  Start a trial on our Grow or Scale plans to use the Customer Hub today!

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