Introducing SamCart's New Dedicated Live Support

March 28, 2023

In the last year alone, nearly 30% of SamCart support tickets were from customers requesting Live Chat as an additional form of support. We heard you—our team has been hard at work to bring you a faster and more convenient way to get the help you need.We are thrilled to announce the launch of SamCart's Dedicated Live Support, now available to all customers as an add-on!

Quick & Efficient

We understand that time is valuable, and waiting for customer support can be frustrating—especially during a launch. One of the key benefits of Dedicated Live Support is that you’ll be connected directly to a full-time member of Team SamCart in less than a minute, with no bots or outsourcing involved. This means you can speak with someone who understands your business and can provide more than just a generic response. Better yet? During testing, our average time to resolution was just 12 minutes. 12 minutes!

Side by Side Strategy Support

With Dedicated Live Support, you’ll also get strategic business advice. You can submit one of your checkouts to receive a Conversion Audit, where our team will walk through an 11-point checklist and provide suggestions that will boost your conversions and grow your average order value. You can feel secure, knowing your checkouts are set up perfectly and ready to sell.This feature has already helped our VIP creators launch faster, eliminate friction for their customers, and most importantly, grow their bottom line. And now, for the first time, you can get access to Dedicated Live Support to your marketplace for just $19/month, directly inside your SamCart account.

We’re committed to providing outstanding customer support to each and every creator that calls SamCart home. With Dedicated Live Support, we’re taking that commitment to a whole new level, providing you with the support, advice, and guidance you need to grow your business.Give Dedicated Live Support a try today → Sign Up for SamCart

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