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How To Translate Your SamCart Checkout Page Into Any Language

New Features

Easily translate SamCart Checkout Pages into any language on the planet with the new “World Wide” template!

Watch the video below to see how you can use SamCart’s new multiple language support…

With SamCart’s newest template, you can use a preset language translation like English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Swedish, or Japanese. OR, you can even create your own custom translation, perfectly fit to your audience.

Translating your SamCart checkout pages is now done with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Discover SamCart’s Newest Template

To translate your SamCart checkout page, head into the Checkout Template Library for any SamCart product.

Then select SamCart’s newest checkout page template, “World Wide”.

Like the name? It was all my idea.

This new SamCart checkout page template has a trick hidden up its sleeve. It gives you the ability to edit the text of every single field on your SamCart checkout page!

Meaning you can create a beautiful, high-converting checkout page in any language on the planet.

Easily Translate To Your Language

This new SamCart template supports translation into any language.

But to make thing easy on you, we also have some saved templates for you to choose from!


Save time by easily selecting your language from the dropdown menu, and SamCart will pre-populate your language’s translation into every field of your SamCart checkout page.

SamCart’s “World Wide” template has quick translation presets for English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Italian, and Japanese.

Translate SamCart Checkout Pages Language Preset

Customize Your Translation

If you want to edit your translation, or enter in your own language, simply type in your own translation!

Custom-made translations mean that you are always selling with the exact dialect that your audience responds to. Which means you convert more visitors into paying customers, and grow your sales. No coding, no off-color generic translations.

Just a time-saving feature that opens up your SamCart checkout pages to the world.

All the power is in your hands.


Unlimited Translations

Just like that, your SamCart checkout pages are completely translated into your language of choice.


You can customize everything, and translate unlimited SamCart checkout pages.

You are never limited to selling in one language! Have some checkout pages in Spanish, a handful of others in Portuguese, and go wild with one very special checkout page translated into Mandarin.

You are now free to sell around the world, in any language you see fit, all from your one single SamCart account.

How’s that for a trick up your sleeve? Just another way that SamCart is saving you time, capturing you more customers, and simplifying your life.

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