Give Your Customers the Freedom to Spend More With Simplified Upsells

September 21, 2023
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Updated September 21, 2023

SamCart has been at the forefront of upselling for years. Creators on our platform are able to offer complementary products, services, content, or goods for sale at the point of purchase, allowing them to easily scale profits as their customers spend more.

We saw an opportunity to streamline how creators configure their upsells and simplify what was previously a lengthy process.

Introducing Simplified Upsells: Now, SamCart users can easily create an upsell offer with just a click right from their product settings. It is easier than ever to create upsells or funnels which not only saves you and your business time, money, and resources, but nets you serious profit in the long run.

Let’s discuss our newly released features and how Simplified Upsells work more in-depth on the platform. Then, we’ll break down the benefits you can expect from using this improved solution.

Simplified Upsells are available on all Grow + Scale plans. Launch customers can upgrade their plan to unlock features.

➡️ September 2023: Three new Simplified Upsell updates!

Upsells just got even easier! As part of our Simplified Upsell launch, we’ve introduced three new updates that will make creating, using, and optimizing your upsells as simple as possible:

  • Quick Upsell Creation: Create an upsell in seconds within SamCart’s user-friendly product settings
  • Simplified Upsells: Create upsells without having to create an entire new sales funnel, making adding profit easier than ever
  • Ready-To-Use Upsell Template: Use our pre-designed upsell template for any upsell – it needs zero tweaks and allows you to launch your upsell in minutes

Using upsells gives your customers the freedom to spend more money, and allows you to create additional content, products, or services they might need. Not only that – they increase your average order value by 129%.

Source: 2023 Creator Profits Report from SamCart

As a result of making upsells easier than ever to use, our customers have already seen increased revenue and an improved customer experience. It also gives you more time back to reinvest into your business.

Keep reading to learn how to create one.

Creating an upsell with Simplified Upsells

Unlike our traditional process, Simplified Upsells now gives SamCart users the ability to add an upsell without creating a funnel.

Users can navigate to their product settings, click the offers tab, and have the option to add an upsell to their product. From there, you’ll be given the option to choose a previously created upsell from a dropdown menu or create a new upsell and fill out the necessary fields.

Creating a funnel with Simplified Upsells

If you want to add more than one upsell to an order, you can still create those as they exist in your settings. Creating a funnel allows you to craft a whole experience for your customers as they checkout, giving them multiple upsell options to improve your chance of boosting average order value.

How Simplified Upsells can make an impact on your business

Upsells already have the ability to double or triple your profits and boost average order value (as seen above). Now, making them easier will save you time, money, and resources while priming you to generate that profit. You can spend less time creating upsells or funnels and more time designing products or attending to customers.

Plus, our latest data shows that sellers who use Simplified Upsells generate 7x the revenue of those that don’t. With that kind of money on the line, using upsells isn’t a nice way to make some extra cash; it can make a thousand if not million-dollar difference in your business. 

Need some inspiration on how to use upsells? Our team of experts recommend these five usecases:

1. eBooks: eBooks are a great way for your customers to gain extra insights from you. You can make the book exclusive by adding tips, tactics, and data they wouldn’t get from your initial offering.

2. Upgrades: Offering personalized mentorships or access to an exclusive community as an upgrade to their purchase makes your customers feel part of something even more impactful. We like the example of upgrading customers from "Basic Photography Techniques" to "Advanced Photography with Personal Mentorship" or whatever is relevant to your niche.

3. Guides: An additional guide full of insights and information that pairs seamlessly with your other offerings shows you’re going the extra mile.

4. Boosts: Special add-ons, additional sessions, or other content you can throw into their offer to really round it out is a smart way to utilize upsells.

5. Additions: If your base offering, such as a service, can be enhanced in any way with extra time or different features, create an upsell and deliver even more value.

Try SamCart and Simplified Upsells

No other eCommerce platform on the market does upsells quite like SamCart.

When you’re ready to supercharge your sales in an easy, frictionless way, try SamCart’s Grow or Scale plans free for seven days to give Simplified Upsells a test drive for your business.