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New Feature: Customize Your SamCart Button Text

New Features

What’s New?

We’ve added new customization options to our checkout pages and upsell funnels!

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Our users can now customize the text in the checkout buttons for both SamCart checkout pages and one-click upsell pages. This will add even more opportunities for split testing and optimizing your funnels. We’ll give you a few ideas to get started in the next section.

The section to change this text is found in the settings for your products and upsell offers.

Use this new feature to test out new changes and find ways to convert even more visitors into paying customers.

Split Testing Ideas

Optimizely, a big player in the A/B testing space put out a blog post showcasing the results of a split test on checkout buttons you can read here.

To summarize their findings, among a test of 4 different checkout button texts, one of them actually lifted conversion rates by a whopping 8%. That’s a profitable change as well, because they did not need any extra ad spend etc. to create the lift. Check out the results in the image below…

Image showing results of A/B testing checkout copy.
The power of words!

What’s Next?

We’d suggest going ahead and running a test based on what you know about your customers. Remember, make sure the only variable you change for the text is the checkout button copy, we don’t want our test results being inconclusive because of changing too many variables at once!

Let us know below as your tests get running if you come across any interesting results!


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