5 E-Commerce Features Helping Finance Creators Monetize

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You might expect it to be easy for finance influencers to monetize—after all, wealth is their specialty. However, these creators are also familiar with the importance of maximizing profits. For finance creators to venture into a monetizing opportunity, it has to be well worth their time. Thankfully, the latest e-commerce features from SamCart can help. 

1. Online Course Subscription Services

Finance creators know the value of passive income. However, it takes the right tools to unlock these residual earnings. 

Selling online course subscriptions or memberships can instantly open the floodgates to passive profits. This approach lets finance creators combine the monetizing potential of their knowledge-sharing skills with the power of reliable, recurring income. 

In these cases, you will simply need a trusted online course app. This e-commerce feature can make it easy to manage your online classes and organize them into membership options. Then, you can add new content at your own pace and watch your profits grow. 

2. Upsells and Order Bumps

By boosting your customer profit potential, you can maximize every sales opportunity. There are two ways to increase average order value: order bumps and upsells

  • Order bumps are add-on offers presented to customers before they checkout from your online store.
  • Upsells are irresistible deals presented to customers immediately after they finish the checkout process, making upsells easier than ever!. 

With both features, customers are just one click away from purchasing additional items from your shop. In addition to pre-applied coupons, deals, and discounts, these promotional solutions can help you earn customer favor while increasing your profits. 

3. Flexible Payment Processing

Buy now, pay later, credit card, debit, mobile wallet—finance creators know all about the latest payment options. However, while you might be quite familiar with the best e-commerce payment methods, you might find it challenging to maintain compatibility in your online store.

Research suggests 9% of customers have abandoned their online shopping carts because of limited payment options. When you are ready to monetize, it is essential to be ready for every possible sale. Flexible payment processing options can help you maximize your profits and make the most of every selling opportunity. 

4. “Done For You” Templates

The sooner you start monetizing, the better. Why waste months building an online store when you can customize professionally-made templates in minutes? “Done for you” templates offer several advantages to finance creators, including:

  • Seamlessly compatible with social media sales
  • Built-in SEO to boost your online performance
  • Less overhead and sales downtime than complete site builds
  • Designed to perform and proven to convert

Whether you are looking for attractive lead-generating landing pages or one-stop product sales pages, you can start selling right away with drag-and-drop templates. 

5. The Resources You Need to Thrive

Finance creators are always looking for ways to improve and learn. Rather than wasting your time scouring the internet for reliable sources, you need an e-commerce platform with built-in learning features.

While you might know finance topics like the back of your hand, SamCart can help you learn the rest:

  • Our Knowledge Base includes free insights, tips, and step-by-step guides for effortlessly setting up any new e-commerce feature.
  • We also offer free mini-books, like The Profit Playbook, to share tips from some of SamCart’s founders and leading sellers. 
  • The Dedicated Live Support add-on connects customers to a SamCart team member in less than a minute for professional help from a real person who understands your business. 

You can take your learning one step further with SamCart’s CreatorU. This platform has hundreds of videos from 6+ figure content creators—all sharing their secrets to success. 

Finance Creators Monetize with SamCart

SamCart is here for finance creators. We offer end-to-end e-commerce sales support, and our advanced platform features help you maximize profits while minimizing overhead work. You can get started with a free SamCart trial today! 

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