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11 New “Done-for-You” Checkout Templates Available Now!


Sometimes the hardest part of selling online is building an effective sales page. Using SamCart’s pre-made templates can save you time, leaving you free to focus on improving your products, promoting your business, or enjoying time with your loved ones during the holiday season.

SamCart recently released 10+ checkout templates to give your business a leg up on the competition. These “Done-for-You” templates are in line with our best practices in checkout design, and are crafted specifically to boost your conversions.

Plus, when you sign up for a free trial of SamCart this December, we’ll send you a digital copy of the Profit Playbook, our expert-led guide to online sales. The Profit Playbook contains 53 Strategies to double your sales, sourced from SamCart’s online sellers and featuring direct advice from our co-founders. 

Here are 6 of the new Checkout Templates now available:

1. The Simple Course Template:


This course template starts with an area to introduce your course, explain what the course covers and what students can expect to learn. It could also include a short video or audio introduction or summary from the instructor before students get access to the full course after purchase. 


To help students apply what they have learned, you can include assignments such as quizzes, projects, or discussions. These can be graded or ungraded, depending on your preference.



To promote the course, you can include promotional videos or testimonials from previous students to give potential students an idea of what to expect. Finally, be sure to promote the course on social media and through other marketing channels to reach as many interested learners as possible.

2. The Podcast Template:

SamCart’s new podcast template helps you promote your podcast. Give your audience an overview of what topics you will discuss and get them excited about tuning in. Bring in new customers by including a snippet of past podcasts and share this template on your social media to boost conversions!

You can use this to create a “Patreon” type offer and sell premium memberships, which can include exclusive episodes… or you can use it to sell bonus one-off content, like special guest interviews or one-time-only holiday specials. Mix-and-match what you sell to your heart’s desire!

3. The Creative Workshop Template:



This template allows you to fill in a detailed overview of what your workshop covers, including the topics, the length and format of the workshop. You can provide background information about the instructor or instructors, including their qualifications and experience.


Including testimonials from previous attendees can help build credibility and trust in the workshop. You might want to include quotes or video testimonials from satisfied attendees– as we discuss in the Profit Playbook, checkout pages built on SamCartthat feature testimonials convert 21.6% higher than checkout pages without testimonials!


To make the sales page most effective, you might also want to include images or videos that showcase the workshop or the instructor in action, as well as any guarantees or assurances that you offer (guarantees boost conversions by an average of 26.2%, as shown in the Profit Playbook).

4. The Professional Coach Template

Looking to showcase your coaching skills? Look no further– our Professional Coach Template has everything you need to highlight your experience, skills, and coaching plans. This template allows you to scale your coaching business because your sales process will no longer depend on you sacrificing your time on 1:1 sales calls.

Be sure to include testimonials from happy former clients to build credibility, and images or videos that focus on your skills and show what you have to offer.

5. The Non-Profit Template

Finally, we’ve got the perfect template to host your nonprofit’s services. This template is ideal for anyone trying to rally followers around a cause. Use SamCart’s Pay What You Want Pricing to collect donations for your nonprofit. Include your pricing, details about your mission, testimonials and more, all on one easy-to-access sales page that will promote your nonprofit’s cause.

Bring in an audience who cares about your mission by sharing this checkout template to your nonprofit’s social media to spread the word and fund your cause.

6. The Yoga/Fitness Template

Ready to promote your fitness course or products? We’ve got just the custom-built template for you. Share images or videos to show what your audience will learn, and help others reach their New Year’s health goals.

This template can be used to sell memberships and be easily adapted to sell courses, plus, it prominently features flexible payment options, allowing you to increase conversions and turn prospects into customers.


We’ve got 5 more Done-for-You templates that we haven’t even covered here, so be sure to sign up for a SamCart trial to check them out!

Sign up for a trial before December 31st and receive a digital copy of the Profit Playbook 

P.S. We mentioned some of the stats and strategies covered in the Profit Playbook above – and there 53 more of them!

P.P.S. Stay tuned for more new and exciting features coming in 2023!

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