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How to Test Your Checkout Process with SamCart’s New Sandbox Mode

New Features

A bunch of our beta users kept asking us for the ability to put their SamCart account into “test” mode.

Well, I’m happy to announce that now you can.

We call it the “sandbox”.

When you activate “Sandbox Mode” inside of your account, you can make test purchases on any product and go through any upsell funnels without getting billed for it. Test out your entire funnel, and never worry about needing to refund yourself!

If you don’t want your entire account in “Sandbox Mode”, you can simply put individual products into sandbox. So you can run test purchases on one product, while your customers continue to purchase your other products.

Here’s How it Works

Every SamCart account now comes pre-loaded with a “Sandbox” processor. So when you’re selecting which processor to use for collecting payments (Stripe, Braintree,, etc), the Sandbox processor will already be activated.


You’ll know when your account (or a specific product) is in sandbox mode because you’ll see this yellow banner at the top of your SamCart checkout pages.


Why This Matters To You

1.) You Won’t Lose Money On Test Transactions

One of the biggest hassles of using a live credit card to test your checkout process is the lost revenue from merchant fees. You’re most likely giving away 3% of the transaction to the credit card companies just to make sure your funnel is working.

Plus, if you’re like me…you forget to refund yourself half the time, which causes even more problems.

2.) You Can Test Your Integrations

Our sandbox mode doesn’t just let you check that orders will go through and upsells will be shown. It also treats any of the powerful tools that integrate with your SamCart Account as if they are live too.

That means that if you’re integrated with Aweber, you’ll see the email you use get added to the right list.

If you’re integrated with Infusionsoft, you’ll see all your order information get passed through to Infusionsoft and any tags you setup will get added to that new user.

If you’re integrated with Wishlist Member, a new membership account will get created for you and you’ll get an email with your username and password.

3.) You Can Sleep Easy Before Your Next Promotion

One of the worst feelings is going into a massive promotion and not being 100% sure that your checkout page will work.

With SamCart’s Sandbox Mode, you can rest easy.

Now you can make sure everything’s working correctly before you ever go live and save yourself those sleepless nights.

Plus, We’ll Keep Your Stats Separate

Another pet peeve of mine is when my stats get all messed up just because I’m testing out the system. I go through and buy multiple times, using different credit cards, different browsers, etc. I make sure everything’s working correctly, which normally puts me into a good mood…

Until I check my stats.

All those purchases I just made make it look like I just made $1,200 today, when in reality I haven’t made a sale outside of my own testing. All my upsells look like they’re converting at 100%, which obviously isn’t true.

All of my sales stats are out of whack. And when my promotion goes live, my stats will never be accurate. Plus, my CPA is going to kill me when he has to start making sure to remove “test transactions” from our tax data.

Well, not anymore.

In just a few days from now, all purchases made while your account is in “Sandbox Mode” will be completely separate from the rest of your sales reports. So you will have separate numbers for test purchases and real paying customers.

Which is something I’ve only been waiting 5 years for. Too bad we had to make our own shopping cart to finally make this happen.

Get Started With SamCart Today

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If you’d like to jump in and test drive SamCart for 30 days, click here right now.

Enjoy this new Sandbox Mode, and stay tuned! We are already working on some more SamCart features, and they’re coming your way soon.


Are you excited about the new Sandbox Mode? And be sure to comment below and let us know what you think!


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