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Split Test Your SamCart Checkout Pages

New Features

Do you use split-testing to increase conversions?

Of course you do!

We all know conducting controlled, randomized tests is the quickest way to uncover better results. So make sure you checkout out this brand new feature, now active inside of all SamCart accounts!

Watch the video below now to see how SamCart just made capturing more customers even simpler…

The Problem With Checkout Pages

Why aren’t you split testing your checkout page? Everyone split tests landing pages, sales pages, even advertisements…but never their checkout page.

Why is that?

Out of all the pages in your sales funnel, your checkout page has the most room for improvement!

More than 8 out of 10 people who visit your checkout page leave without completing an order. And checkout page visitors are you best audience! Think a simple split test could help you grab just one extra customer?

Room For 50% Growth?

Think about this, your sales would grow by 50% if you could grab just one extra customer!

But here’s the problem…

Split-testing your checkout page is nearly impossible.

Either your generic checkout page can’t be customized with conversion boosting elements, like testimonials or guarantees…

Or creating your checkout pages is so technically challenging that the thought of creating multiple different variations, embedding the right forms, and split testing between them, all while keeping your entire checkout process from falling apart just isn’t worth the time, money, or trouble!

And don’t even think about recording reliable stats, that’s a whole different ballgame.

SamCart’s Newest Weapon

Well now, you can leave all those headaches behind, and increase your conversions by using SamCart’s newest feature. Checkout page split-testing…

Quickly create multiple variations of your checkout page, add or remove conversion boosting elements like testimonials, or text bullet points.

Test shorter checkout pages by removing certain required fields.

Setup split-test between any of SamCart’s beautiful checkout templates.

And even test what forms of payment to accept.

Quickly preview your unique variations, and SamCart will automatically split-test whichever active variations you have!

Easily watch your stats so you know exactly which variation is producing the best results. Disable losing variations on the fly, and declare your winner with a single click!

Setup your first split test in minutes, and see the dramatic impact this one of a kind feature can have on your sales conversions.

3 Checkout Page Split Test Ideas

If you’re in need of some ideas to get started, here are the 3 split test I would run first…

1) Your Checkout Template

SamCart offers a library of beautiful checkout pages, designed to increase your conversions.

Check out all of the different templates, and see which one converts to your audience!

2) Required Fields

If you don’t really need them, see how removing shipping address fields, billing address fields, or even a phone number can effect your conversions.

The less information you require your visitors to provide, the higher your conversions should be. So see how removing unnecessary fields effects your sales.

3) Testimonials

Adding proof to any page is a tried and true direct marketing tactic for increasing conversions. Do See how adding or removing customer testimonials from your checkout page affects your conversions.

Get Started With SamCart Today

SamCart’s new checkout page split testing feature is now available in every SamCart account!

Open your Samcart account today, and take advantage of this brand new tool, while also getting instant access to all of SamCart’s other conversion boosting features.

Head over to to start your 14-day free trial now! And see why thousands of other business owners are switching to SamCart.

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