SamCart Takeover: Ben Johnson

January 28, 2022
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Ben Johnson is Leaving Money on the Table

Ben Johnson is an Atlanta-based photographer/filmmaker and content creator who focuses on reviewing tech, creator tutorials and having honest conversations on his podcast about success struggles and faith.

On his website Ben states, “I am passionate about helping creatives turn their passion into profit by LEVELING UP their skills, quality, and knowledge.” Same, Ben…same. We’ve been following Ben for quite some time and are happy to see his YouTube subscribers cross the 100K mark. That's a big deal! However, we’re sad to see Ben leave so much money on the table, because he is amazing at what he does. Ben could easily be making six figures with SamCart. That’s why we’re taking over his business today. We're big fans, and we want to see him win. Check out the sales page we've made for him in our latest SamCart Takeover.

Ben is offering a free online course on his website along with some merch, but he's not growing his customer list. Profit margins on merch are typically not great, and a free course is…free. We’d hate for Ben to go down the typical YouTuber path.

Many people would think that having 100K subscribers is a lot. It is. Unfortunately, most major companies see that as a small number. That’s why many YouTubers are left scrambling to create other revenue streams. They end up being way too reliant on those major companies for things like brand deals and free products. Here’s what Ben’s revenue breakdown might look like now, not including any photography or videography work.

That's a lot of dependence on Youtube and its algorithm. We believe creators should own their selling machines. This is what Ben’s revenue breakdown would look like if we were in charge.

Creators Should Take the Wheel

Ben would clearly be in the driver's seat selling digital products with SamCart. He could take advantage of tools that would make it possible for him to increase his Average Order Value (AOV). On his website, Ben also states, "We have a heart for creatives, especially those who are up and coming." Again...same. It only makes sense that the creator behind "A Channel for Creatives" be on the eCommerce Platform for Creators. Stop by Ben's YouTube channel and Instagram page. Let him know we sent you.

Shoot Your Shot

Join 23,000 other creators who have used SamCart to sell more than $2 billion of their own products, goods and services. Check out our plans, and grab a free demo today.

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