How SamCart Works Perfectly With Slack

May 31, 2017

Do you use Slack? Do you use SamCart? Did you know that SamCart and Slack work perfectly together?  If you are using Slack, check out this quick tutorial to see how you can start sending Slack messages whenever a new order order is placed in SamCart!  

SamCart Is Hooked On Slack

SamCart uses Slack to manage team communication. Specifically, our team uses different Slack channels to stay up to date on different items for development, support, and marketing.  

 Wether your team has twenty members, or two, Slack channels are a great way for any organization to stay on the same page.  Work together, collaborate, all in one simple to use app.  Well, one of the best parts about Slack is how well it works with other apps. Which is exactly why we're here right now.  Using a free account with Zapier, you can automatically post Slack messages and notifications when new orders are placed in SamCart!

Zap Your New Orders

First things first, make sure you connect SamCart and Slack to your Zapier account.  After you're connected, you can create your first automation, which Zapier calls "Zaps".

SamCart Is Your Trigger App

A zap begins by picking a "Trigger App". Choose an app, like SamCart, and then choose which event trigger the zap to fire.  

 For this example zap, I want to send a message to our Marketing channel in Slack when a new order is placed for my SamCart product. I have appropriately named this product, "Awesome Product".  So for the SamCart trigger action in Zapier, I will choose "New Order".  Then Zapier will pull the information from the most recent order placed in your SamCart account to test the connection. You will be able to see all the information SamCart sends after a new order is placed.  Stuff like the customer's first name, last name, email, the name of the product purchased, the order total, and more. Put a pin in that info, because we will use it again here in a minute.

Slack Is Your Action App

After the first step is all set, you'll move on to choose your zap's "Action App".  In plain english, the Action App is where something will happen when a new order is placed in SamCart. As I'm sure you can guess, you want to choose Slack as your Action App.  

 Once you choose Slack, you'll have some choices in front of you.  You can choose between a few different actions inside of Slack...

  1. Send a Direct Message
  3. Send A Channel Message
  5. Set a Reminder
  7. And more...

 Like the picture shows, I chose "Send Channel Message". Since I want this notification to go to our entire marketing team.  On the next screen, you get to customize the message that Zapier will create in Slack. Choose the Slack channel you want the message sent to, and then write the message that your team members will see.  Using the icon on the far right, you can pull in certain fields from the SamCart order! So your message has specific info like the customer's name, email, product, and more.  

 Once you're done, test the zap!  Looking inside our Marketing channel in Slack, we see our new message about my test order waiting for the world to see.  

Add Filters For Specific Products

Now that you have a zap created, and working, you probably want to do one more thing...  Right now, the zap you have will fire anytime ANY order is placed in SamCart. Maybe that's what you want, no problem. But if you only want this message sent when a specific product (or products) get purchased, then you need to add a Zapier Filter.  A Zapier filter will allow you to set some rules for your zap. If a SamCart order matches your rules, then it will fire.  And add a Zapier filter is super easy. Click on the "+" icon on the far left of your zap. You'll find it between your Trigger App (SamCart) and your Action App (Slack).  

 Then, click on the "Zapier Utilities" tab and choose Zapier Filter.  

 On the next screen, set your rules. Zapier will only proceed with this zap if the order SamCart sends over matches your rules.  Click on the dropdown menu, and you can pull in information from your SamCart Orders to help make your filter.  

 The most popular option would be to create a rule around the Product Name. Looking at our example below, I set a filter that says, "Only proceed with this Zap if the SamCart Product Name contains 'Awesome Product'".  

 Hit continue, and you are all set. Zapier will tell you if the last order SamCart sent over matches your filter.  With your Zap now live, all orders placed in SamCart (that match your new Filter) will automatically send a message into your Slack account!  Keep your entire team on the same page. Have support reach out to high value customers. Set reminders to follow-up with new clients.  The possibilities are endless. But now, you can partner the simple shopping cart with the most popular team messaging app on the planet. Just another way that SamCart is connecting your entire business under one simple, easy to use tool.

Get Started With SamCart

Start pushing sales notifications into Slack, and connect your entire business under one easy to use tool. Open up a free trial to SamCart, and see the difference that a simple, effective tool will make in your business.  Visit, and grab your free trial today! Just click the link below and start your free trial now.  

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