Organize Your Business With New Product Tags

January 26, 2018
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When we released the 14 SamCart Updates To Kick Off 2018, this one actually escaped the list! For SamCart accounts with a library full of products, keeping all your different products organized can become a chore.

Inside of SamCart HQ, we have been creating an easy way to keep all of your products organized. So you spend less time pouring through all of your different products, and more time growing your business.

Because business owners need to move quickly! You need to be able to create that new product, test a new price point, throw up a new one click upsell, or introduce a new payment plan as quickly as possible. The market moves fast, and so does the competition.

So with speed in mind, we are excited to announce SamCart's newest feature: Product Tags.

Product Tags Keep Life In Order

SamCart allows you to create unlimited products. Which means one product can quickly turn into a pile of products!

Want to test your best-selling subscription as a free trial? Just duplicate the product and change a few settings!

Want to see how adding a payment plan effects conversion for your expensive product? Duplicate your product, and change a few settings!

The tests you can run are endless. One small tweak to your offer can change your entire business. But fair warning: testing your pricing can be addictive. If you even find yourself up at 2 AM muttering wildly about conversion rates, seek immediate professional help...

But the point is: creating a ton of products can get...unwieldy.

Which is exactly why product tags are here to help! Product tags allow you to quickly organize and filter your products to quickly find exactly what you're looking for.

Add Product Tags to SamCart Products

Adding Tags To Your Products

You can add tags to any product inside of SamCart. And naming the tags is completely up to you!

To add tags to your products, just follow these quick steps...

Click on your Products tab in the top navigation bar from inside of your SamCart Account.

SamCart Dashboard Top Navigation

Then select any product from your Product Library.

Edit SamCart Product Settings

Now, you'll be in the product settings page. Click on the Details tab in the left-hand sidebar.

SamCart Product Details Tab

Find the Product Tags field, just under where you add different payment options to your checkout page. Type in your tag(s) in the space provided. And then hit Enter each time you want to add a new tag.

You can add as many tags as you'd like to any product. Once you are done adding tags, click Save Changes at the top of the page.

Filter Your Products Using Tags

If you go back to your Products page, you will be able to quickly filter through your products using the tags you just created! Just click one or more tags in the left-hand sidebar, and SamCart will bring up products that match!

Use tag filters, along with the search bar, to easily pull up the exact product you are looking for.

Add Tags To SamCart Products

Or Filter By Product Type

As you create your SamCart products, your account will automatically create a few tags to help keep everything organized. Use the product type filters to quickly find subscriptions, digital products, products used in upsells, and more.

Filter SamCart Products By Type

Deleting Product Tags

If you ever need to get rid of a product tag, just go back into any product and click on the Details tab.

Scroll to the Product Tags field, and click on the small "x" next to any product tag to remove it.

Remove SamCart Product Tags

Let SamCart Product Tags Keep Your Business In Order

Save time. Save headaches. Keep building.

That's what Product Tags are all about! Put them to work for your business by opening your SamCart account for FREE!

Test-drive SamCart today by clicking the image below! Open up your free account, and try SamCart risk-free for 14 days! No contracts. No funny business. Just a simple tool that has helped thousands of business owners sell over $200 Million of their own products and services in the last 12 months...

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