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New Two-Column Sales Page Layout

New Features

Introducing Two-Column Layout

We’re excited to introduce a new way to sell your products on SamCart. The brand new Two-column layout gives you all the same features you’re familiar with SamCart’s sales pages, but promotes the checkout form as the primary focus.

This brand new layout allows you to quickly showcase your offer on one side, while closing the sale on the other. This layout provides the checkout form right at the top of the page, so visitors don’t need to scroll in order to buy. You can keep it short, eliminate distractions, and close more new orders.

As for the content on the page, just recap the best parts of what you’re selling! Add in a headline, a few bullets of all the main benefits, a testimonial or two from other customers, and you’re ready to go. This layout is perfect to use as a landing page for your special webinar offer, as a free trial signup page for your software, or even for starting new service clients on their new monthly retainer. 

New Pre-Written Two Column Templates

SamCart’s Two-column layout is perfect for when your page sits at the end of a larger marketing campaign or when you’re delivering your page to educated customers who are ready to buy.

And to help make your path to selling even easier, you now have 3 more pre-written templates waiting for you inside of your template library. Open the template library, and preview Software, Authority, and Trial

SamCart's new two column templates are available

Pick your favorite template, and easily customize the page with details about whatever you’re selling. Once you’re done, you can even save your design as a template to use anytime you want to. So you have the flexibility you need to run your business your way.

If you’ve been warming up your audience with marketing content and need to communicate a simple message that drives sales in as little time as possible, then give the Two-column layout a shot. 

And since these pages are built with SamCart, each new sales page you create can be full optimized with all the powerful ecommerce features you know and love!

  1. Offering Credit Card, PayPal, and Apple/Google Pay
  2. Simple Payment Options
  3. Mobile Optimized Design 
  4. Order Bumps and One Click Upsells
  5. Built-in Cart Abandonment

And a whole lot more! Jump into your account, and test out these new two-column layouts for your next offer.

The Two-column layout also allows you to add all of your core sales and marketing materials to your checkout page without burying your checkout forms below the fold. If a customer clicks your link and doesn’t need to read anything else, then the checkout forms are right at the top of the page for them.

If they need a little push, then you have access to every piece of SamCart’s Drag & Drop Content Builder to drive home the sale. 

Using All of SamCart’s Beautiful Templates

If you’re still using one of SamCart’s “legacy” templates, this offers a fantastic opportunity to switch.

Not only do you get access to SamCart’s Drag & Drop Content Builder, which makes customizing a page that fits with your brand exponentially easier, the new Two-column layout also allows you to take advantage of features like Digital Wallets, Customizable Product Emails, universal multi-Product support, and more!

To switch, head into SamCart and open up any product. Then visit the Checkout Design tab, and click the Total Design Freedom banner at the top of the page. This will show you all of the beautiful, pre-designed templates SamCart has available to showcase your next product.

Mouse-over this Two-column template, and click the checkmark to activate it. Then, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Launch Drag & Drop Builder banner to begin editing your page! 

This template is endlessly customizable. So wether you are selling free trials to a software, tickets to your next live event, or jars of homemade tomato soup (seriously, does anyone want to buy my tomato soup??)…this Two-Column layout is here to help you optimize your checkout flow, and convert more visitors into paying customers.

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And if you’re ready to join the 10,000 business who have sold more than $1.6 Billion of their own products, goods, and services on SamCart, then head over to the SamCart Homepage today and grab your free demo.

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