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[New Feature] Visual Upsell Reporting

New Features

One-Click Upsells can change your business.

If you’re using One-Click Upsells, you know what I am talking about. Adding a single upsell will dramatically change your sales, not a doubt in my mind.

But it’s not always that simple, right?

Using upsells usually means sinking hours into complicated code (which 99% of us can’t do), buying things like dedicated servers and SSL certificates, bringing in overpriced outside contractors to help out, and hours of anxious testing to see if your whole checkout process even works anymore.

And after all that, we are still left hoping the upsell funnel actually works!

Heaven forbid something breaks, or else the most critical part of your business could be hinging on some freelancer finding time to look over your problem for you.

Simple One-Click Upsells

This is why SamCart was built.

With SamCart, you will never touch a line of complicated code, need outsourced help, worry about hosting, need to buy an expensive SSL certification, or spend another moment worrying about your customers being able to checkout.

SamCart was created to make powerful features simple to use.

In the pursuit of making One-Click Upsells easy for every business owner, we have just introduced yet another new feature that will save you time while growing your bottom line.

Introducing: Visual Upsell Reporting.

Take a look…

Visual Upsell Reporting

SamCart’s new visual upsell reporting allows you to get all the important information about your upsell funnels at a glance.

SamCart Visual Upsell Report

If one of your upsells is underperforming, you’ll know in an instant. Swap out poor converting upsells for different offers so your sales never suffer.

Use our upsell split test feature to A/B test your funnels, and quickly find the winning upsell funnel with this new visual reporting. You will never have to guess how your uspells are working again.

With SamCart’s new visual reporting, you have all the information you need to make informed decisions for your business.

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So, what do you guys think of this new feature? Will this new visual reporting help you get information quicker? Let us know in the comments below.

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