[New Feature] Instant Digital Product Delivery

August 6, 2015

Are you selling digital products? PDFs? MP4s? Big .ZIP files with a whole mess of goodies in them for your customers? Then you will love SamCart's newest feature!

Upload, Host, & Deliver With SamCart

You can now upload your digital files directly into SamCart, host them on our secure servers, and instantly deliver them to your customers after their purchase. All with just a couple clicks of the mouse. Say goodbye to complicated WordPress plugins, customer support headaches from your membership tool, or worrying about your hard-earned products being stolen online!

SamCart Digital Product Delivery

Big Files With No Problems

Upload files up to 100 MBs in size, and have them instantly delivered to your customers right after their purchase is complete. Upload your files in any of the following formats; png, jpg, zip, mp3, or mp4. After your customers have completed a purchase, they will be able to securely download your product on their Thank You Page or inside of their email receipt.

Samcart Digital Download Thank You Page

Keeping Your Products Safe

To keep your products secure, the links your customers receive will expire after they are used! So you will never have to worry about your products being shared around the web. SamCart keeps everything in the hands of your customers.

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SamCart’s new checkout page split testing feature is now available in every SamCart account!

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