Introducing the 5-Figure Black Friday Template

November 16, 2022
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Black Friday, known as the e-commerce SuperBowl, is coming soon– and SamCart has what you need to make this your most profitable day yet.  Introducing our Done-For-You Black Friday Template, proven to boost conversions by 21.6%!   Your Sales Page is 90% done with this template…all you need to do is fill it out with your product.  This template provides you with the necessary steps for the perfect checkout page:   1. First, the headline hooks your audience with a big promise, then the subheadline tells your customers what benefits your product will provide them.  

Black Friday Sale

 2. Next, introduce your product. Call it by name to limit confusion and show your customers exactly what they’re purchasing. Confused customers don’t buy, so be clear about what you’re selling!  

samcart black friday

 3. Next, recap everything your customers get with their purchase. Don’t leave out any cool details– this is your time to show off!  

save 53%  black friday

 4. Use the icon section to hammer home the benefits of your product. This is where you describe what your offer can do for your customers. For instance, think about traveling. You might just be buying a plane ticket, but the airline is selling you a vacation! Frame your offer in the most positive manner to engage your audience.  

samcart black friday Product

 5. Don’t forget about FAQ (frequently asked questions). In this section, you can smash objections by eliminating customer confusion and giving them every reason to buy from you.  

FAQ for black friday

 6. Next comes the countdown timer. This builds scarcity and encourages customers to take action and purchase your product– before it’s too late, and the offer expires!  

black friday timer

  Last, this premade Black Friday template allows you to add order bumps, which are the simplest way to add additional products onto your checkout page. Customers can add a second, third, or fourth product to their cart without leaving the page. Order bumps can double your profit– don’t miss out on your chance to add them!  And one more benefit: This template isn’t only for Black Friday! You can use it to boost your sales all year round.   Start a SamCart free trial today to customize our Black Friday template for your holiday sales season.


What is the 5-Figure Black Friday Template?

The 5-Figure Black Friday Template is a comprehensive guide and toolkit designed to help businesses optimize their sales and marketing strategies for Black Friday. It offers actionable insights, proven tactics, and customizable templates to enable entrepreneurs and businesses to maximize their revenues during the Black Friday sales period.

Who can benefit from using the 5-Figure Black Friday Template?

This template is crafted for entrepreneurs, online retailers, and businesses of all sizes looking to significantly boost their sales during Black Friday. Whether you are a startup, a small business, or an established enterprise, the 5-Figure Black Friday Template offers valuable insights and tools that are adaptable to various business needs and goals.