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How SamCart Works Perfectly With Kajabi


Want to send your SamCart customers flying through the interwebs and automatically enroll them into your Kajabi courses?

It’s not science fiction folks, this is real life. SamCart works at heart of your business, connecting all of your favorite tools together in one spot.

So if you’re using Kajabi, then buckle up. We’re going to show you how you can save time, thrill your customers, and protect your content by connecting SamCart and Kajabi.

SamCart integrates with the top membership tools on the market. So the moment customers leave your SamCart checkout page, you can automatically enroll new customers directly into Kajabi, WishList Member, OptimizeMember, and more.

Every customer gets exactly what they need. You save hours of your (or your team’s!) time. And your courses are always perfectly protected.

So let’s dive right in. Here is how you can use Zapier to connect SamCart checkouts to Kajabi courses…

3-Step Setup

Before you get started, you’ll want to make sure of three things…

1: Make a product in SamCart

You will need at least one product made inside of your account. Doesn’t matter if it is a one-time charge, free trial, paid trail, payment plan, or anything in between. Just get one made.

2: Create an “Offer” in Kajabi

A Kajabi “offer” let’s you make sure customers have access to stuff they have bought. You can learn more about Kajabi offers, and how they work, right here in this article from their site.

3: Connect SamCart + Kajabi to Zapier

Take a few seconds and make sure Zapier is all set up to talk with SamCart & Kajabi. If you need help, here’s our walkthrough on how to connect SamCart to Zapier.

Alright, let’s do this thing. Go into Zapier and create a “Zap”.

If you don’t know what a zap is, or haven’t built one yourself, no sweat. Easy as making a zap…

A zap is a customizable rule. We want to create a rule that says, “When an order is placed in SamCart, give that customer access to an offer in Kajabi.”

We’ll walk you through it.

It All Starts With SamCart

Set your Trigger App to SamCart, and then choose the “New Order” event.

Confirm which SamCart account you want this zap to “listen for”. For most normal humans, this should be an easy choice with exactly one option…

Now here’s whats going to happen: Zapier is going to show you all the order information for the most recent order placed in your SamCart account.

You’ll be able to see the customer’s name, email, what products they bought, the prices, everything.

We’ll use that info in a second.

Automatically Enroll Into Kajabi

Next, we want to select Kajabi as our “Action App”. Now that this zap is listening for new orders in SamCart, we are going to set the rule that goes and gives customers Kajabi access.

Choose “Grant Access to an Offer” as the action event.

Now you just need to choose what info gets sent over to Kajabi. Pick which Kajabi “site” you want to connect to. Choose the offer you want the customer to get access to.

For the member name, click on the icon on the far right to pull up the order information that SamCart sent over.

Click on the order’s “First Name”. Hit the space bar. Then click on the order’s “Last Name”.

For both email & external user ID, choose the customer’s email address. And you’re all set.

Zapier will then let you test the zap. Assuming you have been following along at home, the test will create a Kajabi account from the latest SamCart order!

Customize Your Kajabi Integration

Now I can hear your question already, “What if I only want this zap to fire when certain products are purchased?”

Very good question. You brought your A-Game today. For that, we will use something called a Zapier Filter.

Click on the small “+” icon in your zap, and add in a filter. At the time of this particular writing, this is only available in paid Zapier accounts. A filter lets you get more specific and say, “Only run this zap if _________”.

In the example below, we will use the criteria “Product Price contains the word Kajabi”.

Now remember, you can make your filter whatever you want! For this example, I just happened to make a test product called “Kajabi Test Product”. Use whatever filter you want!

With your filter in place, turn on your zap. And let’s go buy that SamCart product and see what happens…

I ran my purchase. Order went through. Check Kajabi, and boom. There’s my new account, with access to the offer I chose!

My SamCart customers are now automatically enrolled into Kajabi anytime they make a purchase. You can repeat this process for as many products as you want. Mix and match your SamCart products with different Kajabi offers. Add in different filters. Whatever helps you save more time, and makes for happy customers.

Don’t Stop At Granting Access

Now here’s a cool trick. You can make a separate zap that works in reverse! As easy as it is to get new customers enrolled, you can make sure that any customers who refund or cancel their order get their access revoked.

Create a new zap, and choose either “New Refund” or “New Subscription Cancellation” (depends on what you’re selling!) as your trigger event.

Then choose “Revoke Access to an Offer” as your action event.

Add in some filters if you need, and you’re all set. Anytime you process a refund, or cancel a subscription in SamCart, your customers will lose access to the offer they bought.

Automatically. Behind the scenes. Instantly. Without you doing work. Not sure how many ways I can say that one…

But that’s how SamCart and Kajabi work perfectly together. Enjoy!

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