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Announcing the All-New Easy Pay Direct Integration


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Connect Easy Pay Direct to SamCart!

SamCart has a new integration partner—introducing Easy Pay Direct + SamCart for your payment processing needs.

Whether you’re struggling with significant holds with other processors or selling CBD or other “high risk” goods, SamCart with Easy Pay Direct has you covered. Easy Pay Direct helps online businesses like yours optimize the way they accept payments and use their merchant accounts.

Now all SamCart users can take advantage of Easy Pay Direct’s awesome features!

What You Get With Easy Pay Direct Integration:

1) Integration with every major processing platform in North America and an expanding global network

2) Change merchant account providers whenever you want

3) Dynamic currency conversion allows you to accept payments in any country and your customers can receive payments in their country’s currency

4) Fraud scrubbing for added security

5) Automated underwriting checks for real-time approval of certain industry types

6) Quickbooks exporting and integration

7) Load balancing makes it possible to divide transactions across multiple accounts

8) Easy application programming interface (API)

9) No equipment leases

10) No sneaky or exorbitant fees

11) Merchant account language dictionary for any unfamiliar terms

12) World-class customer service (with real people!)

And all it takes is three easy steps to get started in SamCart…

Here’s How the new integration works:

Step #1
Go to your SamCart Dashboard, and select the “Settings” icon at the top right corner of your screen.

Step #2
Select the “Processors” tab on the left-hand sidebar. Then, click the “Add New” button.

Step #3
In the pop-up window, select which Payment Processor you would like to integrate with…

Guided setup for Easy Pay Direct will begin from there.

Easy Pay Direct. … Easy peasy.

What are you going to start selling on SamCart with the new Easy Pay Direct integration? We can’t wait to see what you do!

Ready to give SamCart a try with Easy Pay Direct?

Go to for an exclusive opportunity to join SamCart at a discounted yearly rate AND receive with tons of bonuses designed to get your started.

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