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Announcing SamCart’s New API


SamCart’s New API Gives You Another Advantage

SamCart’s new API is what everyone’s been asking about.

For the non-techies…

API stands for “Application Programming Interface”. 

You might not know what an API is, but you probably use many every day. Every time you use Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox or Google Maps you’re using an API.

An API is what allows applications to talk to each other, providing only the necessary information for a result when a request is made. It’s the connector. It’s the messenger.

Think of SamCart’s new API like a server at a restaurant. You tell the server what you want (request). The server tells the chef (SamCart) what you ordered. The chef cooks it. The server brings your meal to you (result).


API waiter

The server doesn’t tell the chef that you’re 5’7”, 140 lbs., wear glasses, and like to listen to Coldplay. That’s not necessary for the chef to make your dish, just like you don’t need to know that the server is married, in grad school and absolutely despises Coldplay.

You like Coldplay? No judgment here.

A lot of online entrepreneurs are doing business with yesterday’s tools, but with SamCart’s new API you have Olympic-gold-medal level data at your fingertips. You can use the new SamCart API to get access to your list of customers, their orders, charges, products, subscriptions and more. With the API’s help, you can bring that data back to your own dashboards and applications.

Scale Faster With The Right Data

When it comes to scaling your business data is the most important piece of the puzzle. Unfortunately, it’s also the hardest piece to get.

Running any online business means trying to get disconnected systems to work together. It’s a balancing act that only gets harder as you grow, and it really shouldn’t be, but up until now, it was the norm. 

In the never-ending quest to understand your business, your sales and your growth it can be a huge struggle just to access your data. 

Some tools offer reports that are too simple or just flat-out incomplete. ​​Exports require manual work and a whole bunch of spreadsheets that always leave room for a ton of inconsistencies and human error. This is exactly why we are so excited to announce the newest addition to SamCart.

SamCart’s API Makes Your Data, BIG Data

SamCart’s new API puts all of the data you need right at your fingertips. It bridges the Grand-Canyon-sized gap between your eCommerce data and the rest of your business. 

With the new SamCart API you can finally collect sales and marketing data from multiple sources, and get a crystal clear picture of where your sales are coming from, and then make real plans on how to accelerate your growth. 

Navigate your business with a clear bird’s-eye view of all of your most important metrics. 

SamCart’s API securely provides real-time access to all of your most important eCommerce data including your orders, subscriptions, customers charges and more. To see the full documentation, and uncover what’s possible with the new SamCart API, head over to

Creating Your Own BETA Data Hub

This new feature is now available for BETA access. A few SamCart customers have been using the new API for months now. And here’s exactly what they have been building with it…

They’re using the new API to aggregate their data and connecting their SamCart eCommerce data with information from Facebook Ads, Google Analytics and customer relationship management (CRM) tools like HubSpot and Salesforce. Armed with this information, they can easily pick out which ads, emails, and pages their best (read: most profitable) customers are coming from, and that’s just the beginning.

Another physical product seller is using the new SamCart API to bring all of their orders in SamCart together with shipping and fulfillment data inside of Shopify. Now they (and their customers!) have real-time data on their orders and shipments.

Other BETA testers are piping SamCart data from orders, subscriptions, refunds and more into third-party dashboards like Tableau, Domo and more to create a one-stop analytics hub where they can see their entire business in one simple dashboard. 

Third-party apps can allow SamCart to manage all of their orders and subscriptions while pulling their customer’s billing information and order history inside of their app. 

SamCart’s New API Makes Life Easier

Think of all the apps, websites and other tools you use to make your business run. Think of all those different places you need to log into, all those passwords, all those data silos, all those other APIs you need to use separately. No more. Now they’re all under one roof.

The same way Samcart Courses made it a no-brainer for course creators to bring everything under one roof and no longer need to host their courses on additional external platforms like Kajabi or Thinkific, our new API aims to make your life easier by doing the same with your data.

Having to go hunting for all your data and making sense of it can be time-consuming, frustrating and intimidating. It’s why data scientists, analysts and statisticians are always in demand. 

The great thing is that you don’t have to be a data scientist, analyst or a stats person. The data you’ll be able to see with our new API will tell you a story that will help you make better business decisions. 


API data helps make better business decisions


Data is just another form of storytelling. It’s telling the story of how your business is doing. All of the major online businesses are data-driven. Amazon, data. Facebook, data. Google, DATA! As technology continues to weave its way into all forms of business, it’s safe to say that every business is a data business or will at least need great data to thrive.

How To Get SamCart’s New API

The SamCart API is currently available by request only. So if you want to get access today, head into your SamCart Dashboard, and drop a message to our team. 

We’re so excited to get this data into your hands. Get access to the new SamCart API today, and see how the right data will make all the difference. 

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