3 Partial Refund Strategies That Boost Retention

February 19, 2020
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SamCart has another new trick up its sleeve. You can now issue a partial refund for any charge made inside of your SamCart account. It doesn't matter if that charge was made through PayPal, Stripe, or Authorize.net. The charge can be from a one time fee, a payment plan, or any type of subscription.

So you now have another tool in your toolbox to provide the best possible service to your customers, and even a new avenue for boosting customer adoption.

SamCart can issue Partial Refunds on all charges

Issue A Partial Refund In SamCart

With SamCart's new partial refund feature, you are in complete control. Open any order, and you will see a line item for everything your customer purchased (just like you always do).

Hitting the refund button will now launch a popup window. In that popup window, you can either refund the charge in full, or issue a partial refund.

After you choose partial refund, enter the amount you want to refund in the box provided. One quick confirmation, and your partial refund will be headed back to your customer.

And best of all, SamCart knows exactly what charges have been refunded (partially or fully!). Every graph, report, and report is kept up to date, so you always have full insight into your most important numbers.

Wether you want to reward your most loyal customers, or provide the best possible customer service to your newest customer, Partial Refunds can help. Here are 3 ways you can use partial refund to grow your bottom line...

1: Customize Your Customer Support

Without partial refunds, your options for helping an upset customer are pretty binary. You can either return their full payment, or you can keep their money. Those two options don't leave a lot of wiggle room for you as the business owner.

But with partial refunds, you can customize your support to each customer's unique situation. Each customer has their own specific needs, and with partial refunds on SamCart, you have the freedom to offer Customer A a 10% refund when their item arrives a day late. But Customer B can receive a 50% refund after they received a completely damaged item.

When you can cater your customer support to each customer, you create more happy customers. Use partial refunds to solve problems, and turn unhappy customers into raving fans.

2: Drive Customer Adoption

Ever seen those commercials for All-State's "Safe Driving Discount"? You know what I'm talking about. Aaron Rodgers is there telling people not to "mess with my discount"".

SamCart customer adoption examples from All State

All-State is using a rebate (and pretty small ones really) to boost their customer retention. A company that lets you pay less over time is going to keep customers around longer. Well you can use partial refunds on SamCart to do the exact same thing!

Anyone who has studied "Customer Adoption" knows that customers who take action are crazy valuable to your business. Customers who take action and "adopt" your product/service into their daily lives stick around longer, buy more stuff over time, and refer your stuff at a way higher rate than customers who buy but do nothing.

So if you want to increase your customer adoption by getting more customers to go through your video course, or set foot in your gym, or schedule their one-on-one sessions, then you should be using partial refunds to do so!

Pick one adoption goal that you want every customer to hit. Then tie a small reward to that goal. So each customer who visits the gym 10 times can get $25 back on their membership. Or ever customer to complete the training course receives $10 rebate.

Boost customer adoption by adding rebate guarantees on SamCart sales page

Use the drag and drop SamCart Content Builder to easily add this adoption goal to your sales page. So each and every visitor sees your bold new promise, and you boost conversions by taking away even more risk.

issuing partial refunds for these rewards is done in a flash. And just like All-State, you can multiply your customer adoption with simple rewards.

3: Extend Your Guarantee

Guarantees increase conversions. In fact, SamCart's database shows us that sales pages with a guarantee convert +29% higher than sales pages with no guarantee! So if you are not offering a guarantee on your sales page, then you are leaving money on the table!

But depending on what you sell, maybe it's not that easy to slap on a "30 Day Money-Back Guarantee". What if you sell a physical product like cosmetics? That product gets consumed, and would be worthless to you if a customer returned it.

Of what about service brands? Can you offer a money-back guarantee on mowing someone's lawn? Providing your service to a client takes your time, your creativity, and likely some money. Does it make business sense to let customer's ask for their money back?

Enter the partial refund. With partial refunds, you can offer a guarantee regardless of what you are selling. Instead of shouldering all of the risk that comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! With the ability to get some of the investment back, minus whatever chunk of the purchase you need.

You get the benefit of taking on some of that risk your visitors feel before buying. But without risking eating hard costs yourself if the customer decides to cancel the relationship.

The partial refund is a very useful tool to have at your disposal. Make sure you check out SamCart for powering your billing, and see how this new feature (and a whooooole bunch of others) can help you boost sales conversions, and maximize your profits.

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