18 Laws all Creator CEOs Abide By

May 4, 2023

If you could tap into the mindset of multi-million dollar creators, would you?

Of course you would. You’d be silly not to – we see creators on SamCart and beyond generate millions of dollars in revenue each month, and it’s not because they’re selling anything “better” than you or because they’re “smarter” than you.

It’s because they’re Creator CEOs, and all Creator CEOs share the same outlook and employ similar strategies to scaling their business.

Luckily, SamCart’s co-founders happen to be two of the best Creator CEOs in the business, so between their experience and the insights we’ve drummed up from other top creators, we’ve managed to put together the actual book on “18 Laws of a Creator CEO”.

You can grab a free copy of “18 Laws of a Creator CEO” here, but keep reading for a little taste of what you can expect from the full Monty.

First, what is a Creator CEO?

A Creator CEO isn’t your typical 9-5 leadership exec with a fancy office. Many Creator CEOs power their business from their own homes, employing little to no extra employees. If you follow these 18 laws, you won’t even necessarily need a team to build your own hungry audience, create viable goods, products, or services, then sell them with near 100% profit margins. 

Important note: Creator CEO is not a hobbyist. Creator CEOs are the antithesis of the hobbyist, in fact. If you run your business on pure emotion, sans strategy, and have trouble selling enough to turn a real profit and give your business your full attention, you’re a hobbyist.

Fear not – we’ll dive into the 18 things that make a Creator CEO everything a hobbyist isn’t, and you can turn your passive passion project into a thriving business.

What are the 18 Laws of a Creator CEO?

We won’t go into too much detail for each of the 18 Laws of a Creator CEO (because you can download it for free here!) but we’ll highlight the main points of each so you can get familiar with them and dive deeper in the book. Repeat after us:

  1. We Will Drill Deep to Find Oil

Hobbyists often fall short of becoming Creator CEOs because they make their offerings, messaging, and marketing shallow. Drill deep, find your niche, and carve out your own space rather than trying to make space for yourself in an existing arena.

  1. We Will Focus on Customers, Not Followers

Your followers are useless if you can’t convert them into paying customers. Get really good at customer acquisition, and never leave your customers empty-handed without something to buy from you.

  1. We Will Not Sell Encyclopedias

You aren’t solving everyone’s problems. You’re addressing the pain points within your niche, then creating amazing products that help them solve those problems. When you sell the encyclopedia, you’re selling to everyone and appealing to no one.

  1. We Will Not Chase Fads

Running your business is like driving a car; it has to stay on the route. Investing time, money, and resources into fads takes us off course and causes us to lose focus on our business and our customers.

  1. We Will Be Obsessed With Our Customers

Your customers have hopes, dreams, goals, and real fears. They have pain points you can help solve. When you actually care about who they are and what they need, it resonates throughout your business. It makes them trust you. When customers trust you, they want to invest in you – which means they’re willing to spend their money on you.

  1. We Will Avoid the “One & Done” Sale

Don’t be a one trick pony. Have a main offering, but give your customers upgrades, upsells, order bumps, and other means of enhancing their order (and, as a result, spend more money). We use Apple as a prime example in the book, and you’ll see why when you read it.

  1. We Will Destroy the “Storefront” Maze

Arguably worse than having too little choices is having too many. Don’t give your customers choice paralysis – create products they really need, explain why they need them, and make it really easy for them to buy those products. It’s as simple as that.

  1. We Will Get Paid For What is Most Valuable

Your best content should never be free. Freebies should be reserved for giving prospective customers a taste of what else you can offer. Don’t cheapen your business, your products, services, or goods by giving your most valuable assets away for no cost.

  1. We Will Stay in the Conversation

In an effort to be customer-obsessed, you have to keep the lines of communication open. Your customers should never go more than seven days without hearing from you, whether it’s over social, via email, from a text, in video format – you name it.

  1.  We Will Lean Into Objections

Objection is redirection. Let your customers voice their objections, and use that as fodder to improve your offerings, shift your mindset, and have really solid, open communication with your customers so you can give them exactly what they want, when they need it.

  1.  We Believe Simplicity Wins

Path of least resistance – when you make things convoluted and confusing for your customers, they won’t buy. When you make it hard for your business to succeed, it won’t. Simple always wins.

  1.  We Will Create No-Brainer Offers

Not only do additional offers bring up your average order value, they are greater than the sum of its parts. It’s not just about making a sale and checking a box – it’s giving your customer the opportunity to purchase everything they need to address their pain point, solve a problem, or simply be downright satisfied with their purchase.

  1.  We Will Keep Our Doors Open, Always

You’re never sold out. Your door is never closed. This isn’t a brick and mortar that has hours of operation. Your ecommerce business is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and you’ll put functions in place to meet customers where they’re at.

  1.  We Will Build Our Business First

Your processes, products, and business are yours and yours alone. Focus on building your own equity before falling prey to other “get rich quick” schemes.

  1.  We Believe We Are The Expert

Imposter syndrome, be damned. You are the expert, and you have built yourself a business from that expertise. That’s not to say you can’t continue to learn, but it doesn’t end at absorbing knowledge. It’s how you turn that knowledge into action.

  1.  We Believe Customers Are For Life

This isn’t a get-rich-quick off of one fire sale type of deal. Your customers are with you for life, if you’ll let them, by continuing to provide value and create products that address their needs.

  1.  We Believe We Have The Power to Grow

Knowledge is power, and it’s important to have as much knowledge as possible as to who your customers are and what their behaviors are. When you understand the data and metrics surrounding your business, you can use that information to scale bigger and bolder.

  1.  We Will Always Improve

Improve your product. Improve your positioning. Improve your messaging. Improve your marketing. Improve your sales pitch. Improve your personal branding.

Whatever it is, identify areas for improvement and make it happen. It only helps you step into the role of Creator CEO – or maintain it if you already are one.

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